Thursday 26th September

I was up really early again.
Went out to have a spa and found I had forgotten to turn the power back on!
Yesterday when the power was flashing on and off all day I turned off  the spa to protect the electronics, so it was fairly tepid.
Shut the lid and headed to a hot shower instead.
Decided it was a good day to strip my sheets for the wash so I could remake with my new electric blanket.
I had picked it up a few weeks ago on special for $25 so decided to replace my old one that has served us well for far too many years without a safety check – which would be costing me $40!

Cat collected up some flotsam and jetsam which floated in during the storm.
Unfortunately most of it was Phil’s dinghy from next door.
It had escaped and been blown our way and gotten smashed up 😦

Seb spent the first part of the day working on the Tardis.
There is quite a lot of things that he needs to get sorted, so he is trying to get it all done so he can get back to work next week.

Jonny was up bright and early attacking the kitchen walls with paint.
You can tell he’s a pro by how he approaches the job and by how at home he is perched on top of the ladder 🙂P1080872

I had lots to do in the study so got busy sorting paper work and getting caught up on things I couldn’t do during the past few days while on limited and then no internet.
New month began this morning so we were all hard at it!
Azzan had GO at 9am so he got his breakfast sorted and then skyped his teacher – probably for the last time as he is wanting to finish now.
He has been attending these classes for several years now and has now moved beyond them.
He then did some MathsBuddy – it is really good as he is not satisfied with only attaining a gold award at the end of each lesson, he wants the platinum!
So he goes over each lesson and worksheets as many times as is required to ensure he gets enough 100% to qualify 🙂
Hence he is getting loads of practice:-)
Jesika then got caught up on her emails etc too.
We still have a few wedding invoices etc to sort out which is happening slowly – can’t rush these things!
Mahalia went round to help Marah with Eden and housework for an hour or so then they walked back here.
I printed off a heap of photos for Marah while Mahalia babysat.
Then look who woke up and came to visit Nonna!!IMG_3875 IMG_3876

Eden has taken to stuffing her thumb and as many fingers as she can into her mouth and munching on them – sometimes so many that she chokes herself!
Funny wee girl 🙂IMG_3883
Went out to see how the painting was coming along and found the crew hard at it.
P1080875 P1080880
The boss was taking a rest in the sunshine and getting to know Tinga, who for once was not in an attacking mood.
Jesika was busy making muffins in the midst of all the chaos for afternoon tea.
Shoshannah made a huge pot of Iraqui Rice for lunch but not a lot got eaten.
She has also made a start on her Correspondence English course.
I did some art work, am fiddling around with a collage, will have to see how it works out.
Just need to potter a bit as it is nearly 8 months since I have done any and I am feeling a bit blah about it.
Not much mojo but I know to regain that I have to just edge my way back into it again with a bit of play.

Seb & Phoebe came round for arvo tea to see Cat & Leeann as they are leaving tomorrow.
It was so lovely sitting out in the sunshine after all the went dreary weather we have recently had.
Phoebe bought round some cinnamon pinwheels to add to the muffins – yummy 🙂P1080889

Cat, Leeann, Jesika, Shoshannah & Jon Paul went off hunting.
Seb didn’t go as he was planning to head home to do more work on the Tardis.
However we sat and talked some more.

And then Anson arrived back from his day at work mustering for our neighbors Scott & Georgie.
It was after 6pm so I threw some food on and Seb & Phoebe stayed and had dinner with Azzan, Mahalia & me.
Boiled potatoes, sausages and lettuce salad – soooo good.
The hunters got Iraqui rice and leftover casserole and were so hungry they were more than happy with that.
It was actually rather nice to have just a small contingent around the table after all the busyness.
Poor Phoebe is getting very large and uncomfortable now.
She has 11 weeks left so is a tad worried where her baby is going to fit!!
I think some home help from certain young sisters-in-law might be in order soon 😉

We were finished dinner when the hunters returned.
Happy with their expedition – they got two deer.
Shoshannah got this one – well actually she and Cat both shot it but they don’t know which one killed it so Shanni is claiming the honour 😉IMG_3887
Jesika had lots to tell Evan tonight as they haven’t talked since he left NZ 8 days ago.
So she scoffed down her dinner and raced off to Skype with him.
That involved doing battle with two internet systems which were both malfunctioning :-/
Seb & Phoebe finally headed off home sometime after 9pm.
We cleaned up and said our goodbyes to Cat & Leeann as they plan to leave at 5am.
I had not had time to remake my bed earlier.
I was totally exhausted so was very happy to accept Jesika’s offer of help.
Jesika and I have made one or two plans as to what to do and where to go on our road trip north.
Most of it will be just following our noses and sussing it out daily as we go.
So I have spent some time today sussing out accommodation for our night in Wanganui.
Finally found a motel at a good location and price tonight so I can now head off to bed.
I am looking forward to falling into fresh clean sheets warmed by the new electric blanket 🙂

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