Friday 27th September

Well, I think I have finally figured out how to get to sleep later in the mornings.
Don’t have any afternoon Nana naps and stay up until 1am.
Then you get to sleep in till 7am!!

Cat & Leeann left at 5am to sail back to Mana.
It was flat calm and glorious out there.
They did the trip in 6.5hours – fastest time ever.

Jonny carried on with some painting.
Kitchen is looking so fresh and clean now.

Azzan was playing bananagrams with Jesika.
I must say her imagination re spelling certainly was entertaining 🙂IMG_3889

Jesika made a delicious coleslaw for lunch.
I put on a fresh loaf of bread and reheated the Iraqi rice and lunch was all done.
Syth drove Alan around for a visit and brought focaccia bread – yum.
We had a lovely time chatting, reminiscing with Alan.
He told a story that I had completely forgotten about Anson when he was just a wee tacker.
Alan was bringing in a bus full of school kids from a town field trip and had picked Anson up from my parents place in Renwick.
Alan reckoned he was about 4 – so no wonder I can’t remember it!!
Apparently Anson curled up on the luggage tray and slept the whole way down.
Anneke and her kids were on board too and she covered him up with the kids spare jackets.
When they got to the French Pass turnoff I was still down the hill visiting with Lizzy and someone else had come to pick up Anson and the rest of the kids from down that way.
Alan looked around and couldn’t find Anson.
He had seen I wasn’t there and had began plodding off down the hill in his wee work boots towards home!

We showed Alan the photo book from Jesika & Evan’s wedding last year that he attended.
We watched the movie Bri made of the day.
Hearing Tim speaking always brings everyone to silence momentarily.
Took this lovely photo of Alan with Jesika before they left.

The other day, when I was reporting the harassment calls, I was told I would be put in touch with Victim Support.
So yesterday I get a call from a guy at VS and I immediately assumed it was about the calls.
But no.
It was in relation to Tim’s accident.
I was already upset over something else so was not in a good frame of mind to be speaking with him.
I asked him what he could do to help after all this time?
He had no answers.
All he could say was that if I lived closer and could come in it would be easier.
What a cop out!
Easier for who?
I left it that I would call him if I wanted to.
Anyway, moving on.
Today I received a call from a local VS lady (in a different office to the other guy – because of our location we seem to fall between the cracks :-/ ) re the phone calls.
When we began talking and she found out that we had received no follow up calls after the accident until the one yesterday she immediately apologized, was extremely understanding and supportive and said she would do some investigation and see what they could do to help us all.
So we shall see what she comes back with.
I have absolutely no idea how VS works and what they are able to provide and the first guy was of no help to me at all.
I am angry because there are a lot of upset, angry, damaged & hurting people due to Tim’s death, who could’ve benefitted from support months ago.

Have been having phone contact with the police guy who assisted in Tim’s recovery per another matter.
He sounds a nice guy.
Would like to meet up with him sometime.
Have finally got Tim’s clothes back.
I had no idea where they were until last week.
They are all wrapped up in bags and plastic so you cannot see inside.
I cannot open the package yet.
But it is enough knowing they are back home with me.

Jon Paul & Jesika drove over to Waterfall Bay to hang out and help Phoebe & Seb.
Seb & Graham had been working on the Tardis all day trying to get the electrics etc up to speed.
Phoebe was cleaning the Lodge and finding it rather difficult in her roundish state so was glad to have Jesika to help her.

It was nice to have just us 4 here for dinner.
We decided to make it very simple and just fired up leftover potato, heated up some other leftovers, opened a can of baby beetroot and grated cheese over the top of it all.
Then Shoshannah & I watched Part 2 of Mark Gungor’s relationship dvd.
The other two consider that it is too old for them to be bothering with it so they opted out.
Azzan wasn’t feeling well so he went off to bed, but didn’t settle easily.
Mahalia watched a kids movie on the computer.
I went to sleep at the end of the dvd and was very quick to shut the house down and go to bed.
I was reading my book when Azzan came in for a cuddle.
He seems to be getting a lot of upset tummies and is having trouble sleeping  and is having nightmares.
I think it might be time to get some help for him.

Vaguely heard Jesika come in through my dreams much later.

4 thoughts on “Friday 27th September

  1. Maybe I need to get Victim support for my daughter as she is so angry with everyone since our daughter(adopted) died in a car accident we got no support at all and even now when anyone talks about her it brings tears to my eyes.

    • Where do you live Kate? How long ago did your daughter die? I would definitely get some help for your daughter, and VS is supposed to be that place to give you advice as to what to do and where to go.

    • Actually Anna, I do worm my kids and have done so just recently as we live on a farm. However this is a more serious issue that worming tablets can fix. Symptoms like this are often the result of something much deeper going on within and as he has not long ago lost his father…..

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