Saturday 28th September

A beautiful sunny day.
Another early morning.
Realised that over 4GB of my internet data had disappeared in 2 days so after Jesika commented that there was no way that we could’ve used that much I called up Vodafone.
The Ninja guy was really helpful.
He set up a test for me so I spent the morning running each of the computers separately so he could monitor them.
We text back and forth while the test was running.
Then he called me with the results.
Turned out that the kids computer used over 700MB while it was just sitting doing nothing whereas mine used next to nothing.
Have to get the computer seen to and find out what is going on in the background!

Got moving in the kitchen as we had visitors arriving.
Shoshannah cut up potatoes and boiled them for a salad.
I made cheese scones & got a couscous salad under way and delegated the potato salad to Jesika to make.

We did a bit of tidying to try and get the kitchen back into some semblance of order as the painting in there is pretty much finished.
I sorted through all my large serving dishes and decided which ones to keep and what to give away.
Jon Paul washed them all and then we rearranged them.
Not so much weight up on the top shelf now 🙂

Isaac & Kerry arrived with Kate, Zac & Madi at 11am.
Isaac pitched in and helped Jon Paul with the dishes.
The kids all milled around getting to know each other.
Azzan was busy sorting out all the playing cards but I persuaded him to take them out doors to explore while we got lunch ready.

Kerry had brought pork ribs to cook so with them and the salads and scones we had a feast.

Mahalia took the kids fishing.
They did ask Azzan, but as he hates fishing I deferred that request 😉
They had a lot of fun catching spotties.P1080920
Mahalia cut them up for the cats lunch.


We sat around the table and talked the afternoon away.
Seb & Phoebe arrived over and joined us for lunch just before we all finished.
Phoebe found the couch more comfy and joined Azzan for an arvo rest  🙂P1080930

Azzan and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside where all noisy kids should be 😉
Isaac & Kerry decided they really needed to hit the road home sometime around 5pm.
It took a while to round up all the kids.
They finally headed up the road around wish.
Seb & Phoebe went home too.
I left Jesika and the kids to organize dinner and hopped in my truck and headed round to see Marah & Eden.
We sat and talked for a while before Anson finally got home from work.
Had some serious stuff to talk about.
He had some Dad time with his wee girl and then went out to do his dogs.
I helped Marah shower Eden and then we had a tour of her bedroom.
It is all so cute and pink & purple.
These are the letters I gave her that match her curtains .P1080934
And this is the really cool wall Marah painted for her decorated with some wee Buzzy Bees she was given.

Jonny arrived and sat outside having a drink and chat with Anson.
I decided around 7:30pm that I should head back home.
The kids were watching a movie and had waited to have dinner with me which I wasn’t expecting.
I had a lot weighing on my mind so wasn’t great company.
The kids were all sparking on full cylinders which was good, but I had spent the previous hour in tears so just wasn’t feeling up to joining in.
Jesika had cooked the chicken really nicely so we had that with the leftover salads from lunch and a fruit crumble with ice cream.
Jonny arrived back as we were finishing and had his.
I headed straight off to bed as I was really weary.
Emotional drained as well as body tired.
Took a while for my body to unwind from the stress so I read for a few minutes until the book hit the floor!
Seems to be doing that a lot lately.


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