Sunday 20th October – part 1

I woke really early, glanced at my clock and rolled over back to sleep.
Then was woken by Jesika several hours later, at 6am saying to me that she had to leave now.
So I quickly rolled out of bed.
Zipped downstairs and gave her as big hug goodbye.
Diane drove her to the airport which I was really grateful for.
This was the view that greeted me as I woke.
Such a glorious morning.
Thanks for waking me up Jesika – travel safe my darling one xxxxP1090932

Once everyone was properly awake Diane suggested we go for a walk around the Orakei Basin Walkway which their section borders.
So I threw on some clothes & shoes, grabbed my camera and we were off.
It was a delightful morning for a walk.
We started by taking the steps down first to get the steep bits done first.
The kids were away laughing, way faster than me.
P1090937 P1090940
It has been beautifully created and is a wonderfully safe recreation area.
P1090941 P1090943 P1090944

There were a lot of people out enjoying the walkway too.
Running, jogging, walking, walking dogs – lots of dogs, kids biking, 
P1090946 P1090947 P1090951 P1090955
I want to know what this tree is.
I have seen in all over Auckland.P1090956
So this monstrosity building is not apartments or commercial space.
It is a private house in the making.
Personally I think some architects ought to be shot :-/
Fun to watch the water-skiers from this cool jettyP1090958
And then to walk out to the end of it, just because.P1090960
The kids were way ahead but had to wait when the track divided as they didn’t know where we were going.P1090962 P1090963 P1090966

We walked under Orakei Road to the Kings Garden Cafe and had a cold drink.
Best feijoa smoothie I have ever had.
Then we headed back towards the house along the walkway beside the train track.P1090969
You can see Wilf & Diane’s house easily because of the tall Norfolk Pine tree beside it, to the left of the horizon.
It tucks in nicely with another tall tree behind it.P1090973P1090975
The Basin is emptied  & cleaned about once a month through these sluice gates.
P1090976 P1090977
The kids went on ahead so missed out on the treat of literally being led up the garden path by Diane – through the bushes at the bottom of their sectionP1090979
It is a really lovely walk which normally takes Diane about 25mins but with me in tow we took a good hour or so 🙂P1090981
Diane & Wilf’s visitors had arrived so we sat out in the garden and enjoyed chatting over morning tea while the kids sunbathed out the front.
And yes, they did have sun screen on – Diane insisted 😉

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