Sunday 27th October – part 2

The Lady Knox Geyser is reported to erupt every day at 10:15am.
I was flabbergasted at how touristy this place has become since I was last here with Tim & the kids.
We were ushered in tot he carpark, tickets had to be sighted.
Then we walked down to this arena and joined nearly 500 people to wait for the momentous occasion.
P1000475 P1000476
At 10:15am a man came and told us the story of how this area and especially the geyser and the area had been found and developed.
Then he tipped something similar to soap in through the vent and the chemicals reacted and she began to bubble.P1000480 P1000482 P1000490
And away she blew!
P1000491 P1000496 P1000502 P1000507 P1000510 P1000524
The tourists began thinning out very quickly after the initial novelty wore off.
As we left we saw late comers arriving.
Very clever actually because they didn’t have to pay and they got to see the rest of the eruption!!P1000526
JUst down the road a tad was a flattened grassy path which Tim & I had discovered when up here a few years ago.
We had gone skinny dipping in this waterfall pool with the 4 youngest children.
Azzan was only a toddler at that time.
Mahalia was pretty grossed out at the idea of skinny dipping and commented that she was glad she was too young to m=remember 😉P1000530 P1000534 P1000556
It is such a pretty spot.
But the kids were happy to just look and not bathe today.
Mahalia helped me back across as I was wary of falling.
My knees will just not allow me to jump as agilely as I used to.P1000583
From there we drove up the road to the mud pools – which are available for anyone to visit.
Nice to find something still free 🙂P1000587
It is a very large area – 45m across.
Rather spectacular, with constantly bubbling mud erupting, bubbling and spitting, creating cool patterns.P1000588 P1000590 P1000591 P1000592 P1000594
Then we drove back to tracks to finish our walks.

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