Sunday 27th October – part 3

We zipped back around the first track and headed to the second and third loops.
The look out gave a great view of where we were about to walk and beyond to the power station.P1000597  P1000628 P1000626 P1000624

Oyster PoolP1000622 P1000621
Despite signs like this all along the way we saw an Asian man deliberately step out in the middle of it to take photos.
He was called back by several of us telling him he was not allowed to.
To which I heard him reply ’There are no signs’!
Well, I guess there was none right in front of him at that very point……… duh!
P1000620 P1000619 P1000617
Feeling the water temperature – and yes she was on the path 😉P1000616
Frying Pan FlatP1000614P1000611P1000608

P1000609 P1000606
Bridal Veil Falls
Steps down – lots of them – they kids ran, I walked carefully!P1000600
P1000650Close up.
Such pretty patterns.P1000654P1000645

Lake Ngakoro Waterfall
On the brochure it says that the walk out to the waterfall and lake lookout will be payment for the exertion.
Well, I doubt that really.
It was a pretty sight but the waterfall was a bit on the small side to be pumped up like that – really!
There were many many steps down and then back up to the waterfall.
There were many many tourists queuing on the way down, then scrunched on the very small viewing platform and then a long line heading back up again after their compulsory photo taking!!
I was nursing my knee along during this step taking, thankfully it behaved – just!P1000641 Talking to sisters take precedent over sightseeing 😉P1000640



We were totally knackered by the time we had finished all this trekking around.
The whole route covered about 3km and we had done the first loop twice so add an extra 1.5kms and then the walking to the other places.

We decided against going to Orakei Korako today as we couldn’t give our best to enjoying it.
So we drove straight down to Taupo.
It was looking very black in the southern skies.


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