Wednesday 30th October

Awake at my normal early hour today.
Gorgeous day here in Masterton.
Packed up the car.
Kids took a while to get moving.
It is nearing the end of our months travels and we are fast running out of energy and enthusiasm to do much.
Can’t be staying on a dairy farm and not post a photo of the cuteness part of it eh?P1000758

Selwyn was trying to ellicit sympathies from me while making his own lunch – poor boy 😉
Needless to say, he didn’t get any 🙂P1000753

Jenny was heading off to a discussion group so we said our farewells – till next time, which hopefully won’t be as long as last next time was 😉P1000754

We headed up the road and then had to turn back for Azzan to claim his jandals that he did have on his feet for 2 minutes and then left at the back door :-/
Jenny found his juggling sticks later so we didn’t manage to do a clean sweep – darn it!
Drove into town to meet up with Jodie at Entice Cafe.
Must say, it is a very nice cafe, great food and a lovely atmosphere with good service.
Jodie changed out of uniform to come meet us – bit disappointing not to see her in her formal get up 😉
But we got over that and enjoyed a lovely time with her.
As an avid stalker on my blog she is now famously pictured here 🙂P1010350

Mahalia being young, gorgeous, trendy and cool!P1010357

Went for a walk downy the street to suss out some shops for Mahalia to get her required nail polish colors to paint minions.
The things we mothers do 😉
Passed this statue along the way.
A memorial to Joseph Masters – ‘A Working Man’.

We left Jodie to go back to work and we drove south.
As we headed over the hills a fierce wind struck.
It was pounding Wellington but we had been quite sheltered up in the Wairarapa.
We drove over the Rimutaka hills and then over the Haywards and made our way to the Mana Marina to visit with Cat.
We hung out on the yacht for a while.
Mahalia had lots of bonding time with Skip
Azzan entertained Cat – she looks stunned with excitement –  Rivetingly totes babe!  😉P1000770

Finally we needed to make tracks over to the other side of Wellington so braved the wind and said our goodbyes.
Not too sure if Cat was as cold as I was, or cringing from yet another photo, or actually sad we were leaving ??P1000778

Ah! That’s a tad more normal 🙂
Lovely to be able to spend some time with you Cat and kids enjoyed seeing where you park your home xxxxxxP1000779

The weather was pretty yuck, and by the time we got into the city it was beginning to rain.
I dived into New World and grabbed some salad stuff for dinner and then we circumnavigated the central streets a few times to get to Starbucks – I do actually know where it is but got in to the wrong lane a few times which took us on a bit of a wile tour of unnecessary streets and got us into some horridly banked up 5pm traffic.P1000783

We finally arrived at Eilidh’s house around 6:30pm.
She had dinner under way and Azzan helped posh up the table so we ate our meal with candle light.P1000790
David was working late so we never saw him.

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