Monday 25th November

Two years ago today we were celebrating the marriage of Sebastian & Phoebe.
Happy Anniversary to you both xxx
Two years!
Such a short time, but also such a long time – so much has happened in those years.
Some good stuff, but some damned hard stuff.
Please God, let the next two years be filled with positive and productive stuff 🙂

Mahalia is still not well.
She just cannot seem to throw off the cough she has had for weeks now.
I am filling her up with Vit C and SystemWell Immunity, she is doing tea tree inhalations and rubbing Vicks on herself to try and help her breath.
She doesn’t have a cold as such, just a disabling hacking cough which hits her suddenly & randomly when she is talking or eating.
Last night her throat was quite sore so I gave her some Disprin to gargle and swallow which helped for a while.P1010425P1010426
At least she could eat her dinner!
End of a long day.
I was tired and waiting for dinner to finish cooking so I could serve up when some random person clicked the camera.

Alex did all Mahalia’s bed making chores for her today so she could go back to bed.
I am trying to keep her quiet and resting.
Azzan came to me last night, quite concerned, asking if is was wise for Mahalia to be swimming while she was sick?
Very good question Azzan.
She finally conceded today that it probably was better if she stayed out of the water for a wee while.
Quite a difficult decision when you are part fish 😉

Ido & Adi were all packed up and ready to leave by 9:30am.
I took some last minute photos.
Because they are so small and Mahalia is tall there was some fun going on as they tried to fit themselves into the photo 🙂
Bent knees and tippytoes to even the heights!P1010433

Alex did Mahalia’s bed making chores for her so I could keep her resting inside.
It was a glorious day but the forecast was ominous.
Mahalia lay in Azzan’s bed and watched movies.
Azzan was supposed to be cleaning up his room but having his sister invading his space was quite off-putting so I sent her to her own room after lunch to allow him to get on with it!!
Any excuse thwarted I reckon 😉

Anson is continuing with the woodshed, it is pretty much all done now, he just has to swing the gates and get the last few things tidied up.
He has also been getting the pre shearing mustering underway as he can.
Alex brought me some dvd’s from the UK.
One is ‘The Paradise’ which I began watching while resting this afternoon.
It is really great – set back in the late 1800’s in a fledgling department store.
Really hope that TVNZ will screen it as it is a great period drama.
Definitely up there with Downton Abby – it just hasn’t had all the money poured into the marketing of it.
In fact I might go as far as to say it is better than Downton!!

Had to begin thinking about providing food for the masses – so tedious :-/
I put on a corned beef to cook all day in the slow cooker.
Azzan & Alex did potatoes and carrots, and steamed broccoli.
Jan & Talbot arrived just before dinner and brought in lots of fresh fruit so we had a delicious fresh fruit salad with ice cream for dessert.
Had another disturbing phone call about some mussel stuff that happened last year while our ex skipper was contracting from our barge.
Nothing I can do now, but just cements that we made the right decision to do without him.
Went to bed around 9:30pm and was watching some more of The Paradise when the phone rang.
My new phone in the study is incredibly quiet so I nearly missed the call.
It was Cat, good to hear from her as I hadn’t talked with her since she left Kordia.
We chatted for 15 minutes, great to hear her sounding so happy and adjusting to her new job.
Fell back into bed, but was too wired to sleep for ages.

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