Saturday 23rd November

Well, I did write quite a long account of the day but somehow it has gotten lost somewhere in the black hole of cyberspace.
Next time I will save it to desktop – should know better by know :-/

We had a leisurely start to the day.
The girls repacked the car and we headed off around 11am to go do a few things in Richmond before heading out to pick up Azzan near Wakefield.
The day was very hot – was glad we had packed light clothing.
He was all dressed up in his suit ready to go when we arrived at Russell & Chrissy’s.
He looks most dashing in his suit so I am very glad he enjoys wearing it.
The way he is growing he won’t fit it for long!
He wouldn’t take off his jacket all day even despite of the hot day!

We were seated ready for the 1pm start but there was an accident on the motorway which held up some guests so they delayed the proceedings by around 20minutes to allow them time to arrive.
My three were very patiently waiting in their finery.

The little people entered first.
P1010380 P1010381 P1010382
Then the girls dressed in the prettiest spring green colored dresses made by the grooms mother.P1010383 P1010384 P1010386 P1010387P1010389
I love this father daughter moment
It was a large wedding party.
Alan is renown for his clowning but he did manage to behave himself – most of the time 😉
Introducing Mr & Mrs Alan & Jo-ella Mohekey 🙂
Aviah was eyeing us over Amy’s shoulder – such a wee cutie.
Shoshannah took lots of photos and has kindly allowed me to use some of hers below.
After the ceremony she stayed back at the venue with her friend Rachel.
We had around 3 hours to fill in until the dinner.
Mahalia went off with Sophie and her family and Azzan and I went to do the last minute grocery shopping, fuel up the car and then had a cuppa with Pat & Phillipa.
P1250373  P1250420
The cake was made by Jo-ella’s sister – looked fantastic.

P1010411 P1010417
Rachel, Shoshannah & Lucy were on one side of our table.
P1250404  P1250390
Peter, Katherine & I were on the other.
P1250388 P1250424
Azzan & Mahalia sat across the room with their friends.
Azzan came over to get a cuddle from Katherine
P1250400   P1010403
And me!
I caught up with a few friends.
Hadn’t seen Suzy in many years so was nice to catch up with her.

The children & I had decided previously that we would drive home after the wedding so I was aiming to leave by 9pm.
However the speeches and dinner took a lot longer than I anticipated so we were still having dessert at 9pm.
They were also preparing for a barn dance which I hadn’t known about so it was with mixed feelings that we all left at 9:30pm.
Mira had picked up Alex from the airport at 6pm and dropped her at Hangar 58 for the evening.
Nathan looked after her well and she had a thoroughly enjoyable evening there.
We called by around 10pm and loaded her into the car.
Nathan made us smoothies to help us on our journey homeward.
I was so incredibly tired.
It was very difficult getting to Okiwi Bay and I was wondering how on earth I was going to drive all the way home.
But after a stop there and a stretch of the legs I was fine for the next hour and half.
We arrived home at 1am and fell straight into our beds.


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