Tuesday 26th November

Woke at 3am and took a while to get back to sleep.
Shoshannah woke me at 8am with a phone call from Sebastian.
I was staggery tired.
The weather changed majorly today, we have had a small amount of rain.
The wind has changed around and a southerly is pounding the beach so no more rain for now despite the threatening clouds.
Talbot has made a wrought iron trim for my new bathroom vanity so he spent the morning getting them fitted on.
I love it.
I am going to leave it black until I hang the hooks back up and then see if I want it painted white.
Think it might look better white, but will sleep on it for a bit.P1010457
Anson brought his latest litter of pups around for a visit.
They are very cute.
Everyone was gaga over them 🙂
This is my favourite.
P1010441 P1010442

Jan & Talbot left at midday so they could meet up with Josh & Kate at Rai Valley.
So there leave taking was a bit whirlwindish as they had originally planned to stay for lunch.

Shoshannah made buttered chicken for dinner but as it smelled so good she decided we would have it for lunch instead.
It was very tasty 🙂
Anson was working between he workshop & woodshed while he got the gates hung.
Marah & Eden came round for a walk so they all stayed for lunch.
Eden really reacts when she hears her Daddy’s voice.
They had lots of fun and chuckles after lunch.
This is my favourite photo 🙂P1010451
After lunch Marah took Eden home for a sleep and Alex, Shoshannah & Azzan went down to help Anson clean up all the leftover timber.
Once everyone had gone I had a rest.
Dinner was very simple – fried leftover mashed potato with cold corned beef and salad.
Had a phone chat with Phoebe.
She is really tired from the trip out to town and is counting down the days till their baby arrives.
Only 16 days till due date.
All is well, she is just big and tired.
Am hoping for her sake it does come a bit earlier.
I spent some time on the computer getting caught up on my blog as I was about 4 days behind.
I had run out of internet data several days ago and also I had just been too tired to be bothered.
I was so annoyed though as I lost several days even though I had been saving as I went.
I never actually saved them to the desktop – they flipped off somewhere into cyberspace so I had to start all over again.
Hence these past few days being a bit out of kilter.

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