Thursday 28th November

It rained all day today.
So good 🙂
I enjoyed a spa just after 6am with the rain falling on my shoulders – lovely.
Then made a few cards for an hour or so before having not just one but two bowls of porridge for breakfast.
I usually don’t manage to get to breakfast until much later, but I must have known that my day was going to be too busy to stop so I needed the extra nourishment to begin with today.
I began by raiding the freezer and then working out what meals I could create.
Anson has organized the shearers to arrive tonight – but actually because of the rain they will be delayed until the sheep dry.
As I am not going to be here during shearing now I am leaving Mahalia in charge of feeding the crew.
So to make it easier for her I am precooking & freezing loads of food for her to thaw and heat as needed.
Once I got started the kitchen turned into total chaos.
It was organized chaos as I did have a plan.
But as I was making many things at once it was pretty crazy for a few hours.
I had Alex and Shoshannah helping me.
Mahalia prepared some of the smoko and breakfast things and delivered them to The Cottage and woodshed.
Azzan helped in many directions, getting wood, doing dishes – like huge loads of pots and pans etc, he was a brilliant and very entertaining help.
This was the bench to begin with – I just wish I had taken some photos a bit later on as there was no bench top to be seen and in some places it was 3 stories high!!
But as Alex just commented – we were a bit busy to be taking photos just then 😉
Alex did the pumpkin, peeled potatoes, carrots & onions, succeeded in cutting herself while trying to cut potatoes with the knife upside down – the things some people do to get out of work 😉P1010475
I made a chicken and olive casserole for our dinner.
Anson came round to cut up the muttons so I got some mutton bones to add to the beef casserole I was making in the slow cooker.
Seb & Carl came in for a visit – nice to have some visitors on such a grotty day.

Todays word of the day was helpful to keep in mind 🙂
And beside my daily calendar resides this memory to Tim – thanks so much Conny for making this for me.
It sits on our kitchen windowsill.
I took out 3 containers of pumpkin that had been frozen with the skins on (not by me!!), cooked it up and then Alex removed all the skins.
It was a very tedious job and if anyone even thinks of freezing pumpkin like that again I will scream!
Actually, I have a funny feeling it was Tim that did it :-/
I pureed it and added coconut cream and spices.
Then boiled up carrots and onions and fried capsicum and added it along with tomato juice to the pumpkin.
Made up 12 litres of delicous soup.
Then I made a double mixture of flapjack slice and another of chocolate crackle slice.
Then I made large dishes of Cheesey Potato Bake, Easy Lasange, Apple & Kiwifruit Crumble, Apple & Plum Crumble and a humungous Chocolate cake.
All the above is now in the freezer along with some others that I made last week.
I do not think the shearers will be going hungry!
I was absolutely exhausted so took a break and ate my lunch.
Had a movie date with Shoshannah and watched ‘Love Comes Softly’ – the first in the series of the Janette Oke dvds.
After our rest I was able to tackle the bacon & egg pies.
Shoshannah had made the pastry for me earlier so it had sat well and was ready to roll.
Alex & Shoshannah helped with the preparation while I rolled out all the pasty and constructed them.
The new large wooden bench is fantastic for rolling out pastry on – makes it so easy.
I was feeling a bit sad that Tim wasn’t here to have his share of the pies.
He loved bacon & egg pie and I was never very confident about making it cuz I thought they were difficult to make.
So I hardly ever made them and since he has been gone I have made quite a few – sorta feel a bit bad about that really :-/
The day has been a real team effort – thanks team 🙂P1010477
Time for selfies and fun now the work is almost completed 🙂P1010478
Three baked bacon & egg pies and a very delicious pumpkin pie which we demolished for dessert.P1010493
Shoshannah was wanting to watch another of the Janette Oke dvds so we took our dinner into my bedroom and watched the second in the series.

It was 9pm before the kids cleaned up the dishes.
I didn’t want to come out to a pile in the morning so insisted they did them.
Alex took this lovely photo of Mahalia with her nail polish collection – cute photo 🙂
Alex having a goodnight cuddle with Jynx.20131128_085115
The rain has eased and there is a light southerly blowing tonight, the waves are rolling onto the beach a bit more gently tonight.
Maybe the sheep will dry enough to begin shearing on Saturday.
I am not worried.
The food is prepared and we are very thankful for the rain.

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