Friday 29th November

It took me a while to get to sleep last night, bed just seemed too empty.
I finally cried myself to sleep.
Then I was woken at 2:30am by Jynx scratching at my bedside.
Darned cat should’ve been outside.
I got up to let him out my door but he took off into the living room and wouldn’t go out any doors except the fartherest one by the pantry :-/
Contrary critter!
Read for a short time until I fell asleep again.
Then up before 7am, into the spa and then made a couple more cards.
Butterfly birthday001

Got back in to the kitchen early.
I needed to get things organized enough for me to be happy to leave Mahalia in charge of feeding the shearers.
It is a big ask for her, she’s only 13.5 and is very capable, but it is a big job to have things all prepared and ready on time throughout the days.
That is why I am doing all the prep work now.
I cut up the bacon & egg pies and the cake and put them in the freezer.
Everything is labeled well for her – with some instructions written on as well to be sure 😉
I then decided to make some more things just to make sure there was enough.
So I put a curried beef casserole on to cook in the slow cooker and made up a curried sausages & egg casserole too.
Made a carrot cake, potato salad, and then a layered aubergine stack for our dinner tonight.
Managed to intersperse some office work and phone calls with Ross in between all of this.
Gave me a chance to sit for a few moments 😉

Mahalia went off to find Olly, who I had seen with his backside in the garden gate early this morning!!
She took him for a short ride with Alex accompanying them.
Shoshannah planted out some flower plants and did some other gardening.
Even though she does not want to do the vege garden anymore she cannot help herself – she wants to get the vege plants in the right places, so is replanting a few of them 😉
Alex helped with vege prep, and fed the pigs and folded washing.
Her last day here so she was taking lots of photos and enjoying the moments until she returns.

Anson was out mustering and getting stock work done reading for shearing.
He was pretty hot and tired when he stopped by later in the day.
Finally Seb & Carl got a good day in for doing some mussel work.
It was indeed a glorious day, wind came up later in the afternoon.

The mailboat arrived just after the kids decided to go swimming.
It was a glorious day and Azzan had been champing at the bit to get down there.
He was very good though and worked all morning to have his bedroom incredibly tidy – all finished in fact!!
I looked out just in time to see Azzan leap off the wharf as the mailboat approached.
Thankful Jim was taking care and looking out for him as they got to the wharf.
Nothing like a native water boy to entertain the tourists 🙂P1010500
Mahalia took the opportunity to do soak in some Vitamin D.P1010501 P1010502

I had been waiting all day for Anson to come by and cut up the mutton so I could get a roast in the oven.
He literally dropped it in around 3pm 🙂P1010503
I got it in the oven asap and it is still roasting away there through tonight.
Should be lovely and tender tomorrow.

We had our dinner 7pm – Shoshannah made a delicious salad which we had with the aubergine stack.
Then I made some butter icing for the carrot cake and we had some for dessert.
It was really good.
One of the best carrot cakes I have made!
This is my head chef taking selfless while we were watching Mama Mia and eating dinner 🙂
I sat with her after dinner and went through the food list and we made up a menu.
She is all set to go, so now we just have to wait for the weather to settle and the shearers to arrive.
It is now after 10pm.
I am finally getting through everything done that needs to be done.
Just have to go pack my bags as I am leaving early tomorrow with Alex.

3 thoughts on “Friday 29th November

  1. Just had a big blog-a-thon and caught up on your month. Azzan has grown since being up here!! I’m sure Hali will manage those shearers admirably all that food made me nostalgic for our camp days (you must have massive freezers!).
    Got all your letters, it was lovely to have real mail. Love to you all.

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