Saturday 30th November

I was very grateful that I had set my alarm as I would’ve slept through, so tired!
But I was up and in the shower at 4:45am.
Woke kids at 5am as they were going mustering with Anson.
They had time to breakfast and Alex had time to change her bed and we were still in the car and heading out the drive before 6am.
Did well peoples 🙂
Stopped to drop kids off at Anson’s.
They got the muster done before the rain set in which was great.
Alex discovered what wind strengths we can get when she got out to open the gate at the top of the hill!
Using one of Tim’s expressions – ‘It was blowing it’s nuts off up there’!!
We had a non eventful drive with lots of time to chat which was ‘brilliant’ – to quote Alex 🙂
Arrived in Nelson and whizzed through the first 4 jobs on the list – return the library book, drop off Alex’s bag at hostel, visit Starbucks and drop papers off to Andrea.
Then we whizzed round to Tahunanui and left the car at Muratai Motors to have some work done on it while I am away.
John picked us up which was great as it was beginning to rain.
Sally lent us her car and we went off to have breakfast at Crusoes.
It was lovely to be able to stop and relax for an hour, enjoy good food and great company before taking Alex back into the city.
Had to say our farewells until we meet again – sooner than later I hope!!
Then back to Arrow Motels to relax for an hour.
John took me to the airport at 1:30pm.
The day was very blustery and there were flights being cancelled.
Thankfully mine wasn’t.
The airport area was really busy with people coming to the open day celebrating 75 years of the airport.
Nathan had been for a flight on the DC3’s final flights over Nelson.
I had been texting him through the morning as he had wanted me to go with him on the flight but it clashed with my flight to Auckland so I had to give it a miss unfortunately.
But he had a great time with his work mates 🙂

Our flight was late landing in Auckland.
We had a very bumpy approach, it was a very hold your breath & grab your seat few moments.
Probably one of the yuckiest landings into Auckland I have experienced so far.
Didn’t realize how quiet the plane had become during the approach until the wheels touched the tarmac and then everyone began talking again!
So I wasn’t the only one praying 😉

Mat, Sunni & Lily picked me up.
Lily had just had a feed and was cuddled up contentedly with Sunni while they waited for me.
Cute wee bundle has grown so much since I left last month.IMG_4599
We drove across the city and called into visit Wilf & Diane for a wee while.
Ulterior motive to the visit was to pick up bedding for me.
Sunni & Mat have recently moved into their own house so are still furnishing it.
Lily having a cuddle with her Granddad Wilf.
Such a strong resemblance 🙂
It was getting late when we finally got back to the house.
They have found themselves a lovely spot in Point Chevalier.
We unpacked and got sorted, had a drink and nibbles while Mat took Tank’s friend Condo back home.
Lily is nearly 2 months now and is just adorable.
Sunni showed me her neck strengthening exercises 🙂
I had lots of cuddle time while Sunni & Mat busy preparing dinner.
Lily has a bit of a restless time in the evenings so we went for a walk around the garden to check out the plants and then took some selfies 🙂IMG_4613
I’m not as proficient with that aspect of the iPhone so Sunni took some more 🙂IMG_4618IMG_4625
By 10pm she was very ready for bed – as were we all!
Night Lily xxxxxx
I am sleeping in a cute wee granny flat at the bottom of the garden.
It is just a few metres walk along the boardwalk from the kitchen deck, close but yet lovely and private.
Despite the motorway being so close it is so quiet and peaceful here.
Wonderful spot.
Am looking forward to exploring the area with Sunniva & Lily this week.
And be warned – there will most probably be a lot of Lily photos coming – I have to make up for lost time 😉

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