Sunday 26th January

Even though I was very late to sleep I woke up around 6am.
The sky was just beginning to waken and there were very dramatic narrow strips of red showing through the clouds.
I quietly went through the house in search of my camera.
Found it and began recording the amazing dawn colors breaking over the eastern hills.
In just a matter of minutes it went from this
I hopped into the spa to enjoy the last few moments of it.
Only to be rudely interrupted by a cheeky weka who found I had left the kitchen door open and was coming in for a very unwelcome visit.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this impudent fowl, they are definitely most unwanted inside your house.
If startled they will dart all around trying to escape by climbing through closed glass, race about everywhere you do not want them, generally evading the open doors and in the process  they leave behind a very smelly excretion calling card.
I bounced out of the spa and raced through the front door and headed it off before it could go too far.
Made sure the doors were shut firmly and then got myself dried and dressed.
Crept out quietly and made myself comfortable in my art corner.
Seems the only time in the day that I can have some peace to be creative is when everyone else is sleeping.

Got chatting with my special friend in the US who I haven’t heard from in ages so that took up some of my time.
Then Shoshannah got up and lit the fire and made pancakes.
I made some bread and then somewhere the day began to disappear.
I managed to do a couple of small art exercises while talking with Sandra.
Then I raided the freezer and got out some soup to thaw for lunch.

Anson & Marah arrived back just as the rain began to set in.
Eden & Marah waited here while Anson put the boat on the mooring.
Snuggles with mummy 🙂
P1030462  P1030463
P1030471  P1030470
Somebody kept on pulling my camera cord just as I was taking the photos!P1030469
Eden has some pretty terrific abs.
While Anson put the wood splitter and quad bike in the shed the girls brought all their gear up from the woodshed to his truck for them.

I talked to Sarah and discovered she likes board games so went to tell Azzan who was still in bed playing on his laptop.
He was out of bed in a flash choosing Atlas Adventures to play.
Soon Johan & Clemence were joining in.
Trying to gather up library books and cds is a bit of a mission but I think we nearly have them all.P1030490
I was planning to do some artwork but ended up spending quite a long time working on the photo book I am making of Bri & Nick’s wedding photos.
The rain came in very heavy over the middle of the day.
I took some soup out of the freezer so lunch was pretty easy.
Had a lie down mid arvo and watched ‘Breakfast Club’.
Azzan had hired it from the library so I thought I should check it out.
I was actually quite impressed with it.
Very good themes of not judging others by appearances.

Azzan, Mahalia & Sarah watched ‘Black Sheep’.
The rest of the evening was filled with stupid baaaa jokes!

Dinner was heating in the wood stove all afternoon.
I had mixed the two left over dishes of mince, beans, tomatoes and vegetables.
We had it with Basmati rice, corn chips and coleslaw.
I made a very large bowl of Java Cream sago which we had for dessert with canned peaches.
A perfectly easy meal for a Sunday night.
The conversation was based around Azzan’s discussion of various movies etc.
We were talking about Miranda and some commented that they couldn’t see her doing anything except comedy.
To which I responded, ‘Have you seen Call the Midwife? She is brilliant as the actress in there’
Mahalia said there was no way she was watching a series showing babies being born.
Azzan quick as lightening said he loved it and that the best part was when the mothers were giving birth..…
and he demonstrated holding on tight and pushing down with a very loud grunting noise!!!
He then calmly disappeared off to play on my iPhone on the sofa.
None of us knew where to look but within seconds we all dissolved into laughter 🙂

Azzan prepared me a pot of herb tea….
 and sat me down with my feet up on the sofa and proceeded to give me a lovely foot massage.

Shoshannah is going through her clothes tonight and Mahalia is coming out modeling the chuck outs, asking if this or that looks alright.
Well, I don’t think anything could not look right on this chick!
Love this dress – she was working the dress and the weights at the same time – total crack up 🙂
Well, my massage is over so I should probably head off to bed now.
Weather is sposed to be clear so we will be splitting the wwoofers into two teams.
Anson is taking three of the guys with him to muster and grub weeds and Shoshannah & I will have the other 3 to do some planting of trees, plants, and some other gardening.

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