Thursday 30th January


I wasn’t sure what was happening re the wwoofers as everyone was asleep when I got home!
I woke at 6:20am and went out cautiously in my nighty to see if they had been through the kitchen.
Kettle was hot so yes they had and were gone already.
So I headed back to my room along the decking to get my towel and have a spa.
Then I realised I was being followed by Skip AND Andrej!
Whew! That was close!
He has slept in and missed the work train by about 20 minutes.
I sent him back to bed.
When the coast was clear I had a soak in the spa for a few minutes.

Then it was time to put on the bread and washing.
Both those two jobs proved to be my undoing today.
Firstly, I put on a load of washing and then heard it squealing very loudly and when I went to investigate there was a really hot burning smell so I turned it off fast.
Shoshannah told me that it happened to her the previous day.
Nice to know these things!
Then I made two loaves of bread in succession.
And both of them were total fizzers!
I made a third and it turned out fine, so I don’t know what I did wrong.

So began my long investigation into what might be wrong with the washing machine.
Made many calls.
The most helpful was the Maytag folk in Wellington.
Apparently my machine was purchased May 2004 so has done almost 10 years of hard slog.
My consideration is, do I spend money and get it going again, or is that pouring bad over good and I will have to end up purchasing a new one anyway.
Hardly any these days are not electronic which I don’t want.
The may tag lady said my model is a really good reliable one, apparently one of the best and if I can keep it going it would be the best option.
She gave me loads of scenarios, part prices and time involved in fixing each possibility.
But basically, when push comes to shove, I have to get it out to town somehow to get it assessed.
And that is easier said than done :-/

The wwoofers came in for a cuppa and slice.
Then Clemence & Johan split wood for a coupe of hours.
Sarah & Johan continued in the vege garden and the other two boys built a rock garden for me.
I am really pleased with their work, and now the job of planting it out.
P1030573 P1030574

I made a healthy platter of beetroot, capsicum, tomato, boiled eggs and avocado on fresh bread.
Took it to bed and watched the beginning of a movie.
It is called Paradise at the end of the world.
It is in German with English subtitles which is a bit weird as it is set in New Zealand.
I had just finished eating when I heard somebody creeping into my room.
I looked round and there was Marah & Eden.
It was lovely to see them.
Marah sat on the bed and I played with Eden and we talked.
Then Eden got busy on the floor chatting with Shoshannah who had just returned from a walk.
Marah had come round to get meat for dinner because Anson had been home and eaten the dinner she had prepared for his lunch – men!
Eden helped me prepare the stir fry while Marah went up to find the meat.
I gave her a piece of the end of the courgette, it was hard and good to chomp on.P1030567

Funny wee girl.

Marah took her off home to get the meat thawed and underway for dinner.
I talked some more with Anson and then thought I should get our dinner sorted.
Sarah & Andrej had already prepared the onions and carrots.
The girls had gone for a walk, Sarah for a swim.
It was getting on in the day and because Shoshannah had said she would put dinner on I left it so I could go rest.
But nothing was happening from her end and it was 5:30pm already so I got stuck into the kitchen.
I put together the mince, veges and tomatoes.
Went and got Shoshannah to help me.
Things were rather tense as I was so tired and frustrated at the lack of willing help.
She put on the rice, sorted the spinach and left.
Clemence & Johan came and washed up all the pots etc.
Then while I made a chocolate fudge self saucing pudding for dessert they wwoofers drooled over my recipe book, taking photos of the particular recipes they have enjoyed.
I got dinner on the table finally around 7pm.
They ate.
I was too tired to think about eating.
Later, after everything was all cleaned up and I had managed to finally make a successful loaf of bread – 2 previous ones went in the pigbin as they didn’t rise.
A pain when the supplies were running very low.
Had to resort to putting an overnight loaf in the breadmaker to catch up for tomorrow.
Then I went off to bed and watched the end of the movie.
It was great to see places and scenery I recognized around Bank Penninsula, including Decanter Bay which was part of the Menzies Bay area where Tim’s mother originated..
The film was made in German by Germans but set in NZ.
So it was subtitled in English.
A bit strange but still very watchable.
Even though I was so tired I was very restless and it took a while to fall asleep.

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