Wednesday 29th January

I was up soon after 4am.
Beat the alarm once again.
Was showered and ready to go by the time the guys and Shoshannah were having breakfast.
Shoshannah turned the hose on my windscreen as I went up drive just before 6am.
The trees have been dropping foliage all over the car.
Anson arrived just then so we had to do some maneuvering to get past each other
I listened to some more chapters of ‘Women of the Outback’ as I drove.
I had a list of things I wanted to get done as early as possible so was in town around 8:30am.
First stop, of course, was Starbucks.
Then I left 3 large bags at the opshop, picked up some stuff at Nelson Beauty Therapy, called into Prices Pharmacy and then over to U-Save Tyres to pick up some inner tubes for Anson.
The town stuff was all done so I drove over the hill to Muratai Motors.
Left my vehicle there and picked up a small courtesy car.
Colin was going to investigate the cause of the swaying/rocking motion that had been getting worse over the past weeks.
Called in to see Sally at Arrow Motels and picked up some parcels.
I was still feeling rather fragile from the previous days emotional upset.
Good to talk with Sally for a while.
Then it was off to pick up all the bulk grocery items from the wholesaler.
I had my list ticked off fairly quickly and and went through the checkout.
Packed the boxes myself to ensure they were done properly for the long trip home.
As I pushed the very weighty trolley away from the counter the sharp solid metal handle crushed the palm of my hand between it and the counter.
It left a deep puncture wound which began pouring blood everywhere – and was #*^@ sore!
The guy helping me load the gear into the car went off and got a plaster for me and then proceeded to very, very, painstakingly, slowly, unwrap it for me and then quickly stuck it on my hand – half missing the wound!
I just wanted to get out of there so squeezed a wad of tissue to stem the flow and finished loading.
Drove out to Richmond to do three quick jobs.
But typically the first job took way longer cuz the guy hadn’t done what I had preordered so I had to wait.
Was feeling rather rushed, hot and stressed by this point as I was meeting a friend at 11am.
Text her to say I was running a tad late and quickly squeezed the other two jobs in before heading to Crusoe’s Cafe to meet Errilyn who is home from Western Australia for a wee while.
Anat & Rami found me some ointment and another plaster, and put it on the right place this time, so I was all good.
I was really hungry so ordered some fish & chips for brunch followed by apple strudel and Errilyn had coffee and cake.
It was really good to sit and talk with someone who understands grief and doesn’t sit in judgement telling me what & when I should be feeling, and thinking I should be ‘over it’ by now.
I couldn’t control the tears, the switch had been bumped yesterday and my emotions were very raw and fragile.
Soon after midday and we had to leave.
Lots of hugs goodbye and I headed to Tahunani at 1pm.

Had an hour up my sleeve so went back to see Sally and to freshen up.
Had another good d&m, no-one else there so good time to talk.
By the time I got back to the funeral house the carpark was full, so I had to juggle back in to the busy traffic and park next door.
The place was packed, I managed to get a seat in the side room.
There were many arriving after me who had to stand.
Could still see the podium and with the speakers working we could all hear well.
It was a lovely send off for our special friend.
Julie as such a lovely lady, full of fun, love, and life.
We will surely miss her smiling face.
I wasn’t coping terribly well afterwards.
There were so many people that I knew from the now, the past and the long ago.
Some were easy to be with and others not so.
And I was there on my own :-/
It is the first funeral I have been to since Tim died and it brought everything all back.

I finally had to leave as it was 4:40pm and I needed to go see if my vehicle was ready.
So! It appears that someone, and I think I now know who, changed a tyre and used the back left suspension/steering thingee to jack the car up on instead of the chassis just behind it.
Over the months of driving it has just gotten more and more bent and twisted causing the vehicle to rock and sway.
Thankfully Colin found me a 2nd hand part today so I could bring it home.
Needless to say it is driving beautifully again!

Zipped off into the city and fueled up, dropped of library dvds, and got the groceries.
Then met up with Sasha & David at Hangar 58 for dinner.
Nathan was on duty and was in very fine fettle.
Trying out all his best smoothest sales pitches on us 😉
He is actually very good at it!
It was good to sit and talk and laugh 🙂

All of a sudden I realized it was 9pm.
We were sitting in the courtyard and it was still very light.
A cool evening breeze had pick dup so Nathan brought us girls some blankets to wrap in.
Finally 9:30pm and I was dragging myself out of the restaurant, took ages to say goodbye to David and Sasha and reluctantly headed off home.
I was incredibly tired.
The past days emotional upheaval had just about wrecked me.
But with only a couple of stops along the way I was able to get home safely.
I stopped off to leave some lovely yellow lilies and balloons for Timmy.
It was 12:30am when I walked in the door.
Despite being so tired I never got to sleep until about 2am.
A very l–o–n–g day.

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