Friday 31st January

I got caught between the early musterers leaving at 6am and the ones who were leaving later so I never got my morning spa today.
I spent most of the morning in my dressing gown.
I was up and doing stuff but the shower never happened until closer to lunch time.
Anson took Sarah, Clemence & Johan out to chase sheep from Clay Point around to Rabbits Block.
The three German boys were leaving today.
Andrej was up early and after breakfast I gave him the cleaning stuff so he could clean up his room.
He took ages so am hoping he did a good job.
The other two boys didn’t seem in too much of a hurry.

Shoshannah is/was developing a head cold so wasn’t feeling too flash.
I finally caught up with Estelle and had a chat for a few minutes.
Seb as in town so I was fielding phone calls about stuff he was picking up and making appointments for Mahalia and discussing plumbing issues with Dave etc etc.

The mutterers returned for morning tea and then Clemence & Johan went off to split more wood and Sarah did some decobwebbing and concrete path sweeping down at The Cottage.

Saw this very large flash boat coming in past West Entry today.
Love to know something about it.
Managed to get this close up using my telephoto lens – not too bad for 3 miles away!

1:45pm and the boys were finally packed up and ready to leave.
Bye Andrej, Marlon & Tim 🙂
Mailboat arrived.
Lots of passengers but not a lot of mail.

Anson, Clemence & Johan came down for lunch after everyone else had finished.
Marah & Eden were visiting the work place and came and ate with them too which was lovely.
Eden helped me open the mail 🙂

Afterwards Marah enjoyed some lying in the sun time and Eden and I played on Photobooth.
She was actually much more smiley responsive when looking at herself in the mirror earlier!Photo on 31-01-14 at 2.24 PMPhoto on 31-01-14 at 2.27 PM #5Photo on 31-01-14 at 2.28 PM #4
And what is better than one Eden but two 🙂
Photo on 31-01-14 at 2.29 PM #2

They went off home for some nap time.
Anson took my ginormous pile of dirty washing back.
It is so frustrating not having a functioning washing machine :-/
I have to wait now until someone has room to take it out to town to see if it is fixable.
Then if it isn’t I have to start the researching process.
I guess it has done near on 10 years of pretty hard knacker.
But on advice from the Maytag folk, if it can be fixed it would be good to do that as it is one of the most reliable models they ever made apparently.

The wwoofers relaxed on the deck.
Sarah went swimming.
Mo was enjoying Johan for a pillow

I had taken some chicken thighs out and they were slowly cooking in the oven all afternoon.
I watched another German movie with English subtitles ‘Longing for New Zealand’ while I had a rest.
This time the stunning scenery was based around Te Aroha.

We were just about to serve up dinner when Sebastian arrived back with Mahalia.
So the others ate while I caught up on all of his news.
He has had an MRI scan done and the lady commented that she was amazed he was able to walk in there!
Apparently his disk is bulging very badly so now it is off back to the specialist to see what to do.
Please pray for a good outcome.

Anson wanted a full muster in the morning so everyone went off to bed at a reasonable time.
I stayed up a wee while longer and finished some things I was doing.

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