Saturday 1st February & Sunday 2nd February

I woke up really early so got up at 5am and had the bread on, Shoshannah’s porridge cooking and the breakfast things out before anyone arrived in the kitchen.

Anson took all the troops mustering at 6am.
All bar Prisca who opted out cuz she wasn’t feeling well.
So the house was very quiet.
I had a spa first and then did a run on the treadmill before getting into some blogging etc.
I put on ‘Jam & Jerusalem’ to watch as I was doing my exercise.
Takes my mind off the effort involved 😉
It is so incredibly funny.
You just cannot beat those wonderful British actresses, Dawn French, Joanna Lumley, Sally Phillips, to name but a few.
They are so so good!

They all arrived back mid morning ready for some morning tea.
The muster had gone well so all were happy.
Afterwards Clemence & Sarah did some gardening and Shoshannah, Prisca & Johan went back up the hill with Anson to draft sheep.
Anson bundled up all my washing and took it back to put through their machine on his way past.
It is so frustrating not having a functioning washing machine.
You just do not realize how often you turn it on without even thinking.

Takes me back to the days of Tim’s mum and previous generations of women who had to boil up the copper and do it all by hand.
The washhouse and copper were still here when I arrived, it was all fallen down and dilapidated.
My rhubarb bed is on that site now.
And the drying green is now the vege garden.
I remember Marjorie – Tim’s father’s first wife – telling me stories about how she would tether her two children up there to each pole with enough length or rope to allow them to play safely without tangling.
She also told me a story of the day when Martin was very small and she looked out of the window and saw him down on the wharf.
I can just imagine the panic that would’ve engulfed her as I have had several children fall off there and this was before the days of life jackets.
She quickly called out to him to come see the pussy cat.
He loved cats.
They didn’t have one but it was the only thing she could think of to distract him and get him safely back to the house.
She used to regale me with tales of the early days – I so loved to visit with her in my teen years and listen to her stories.
She would tell me of Martin, being such a cute dark haired wee baby.
She taught him to wink at a very young age and when people would come and coo over him they would be so astonished and delighted when he winked at them 🙂
She was such a character.
On our wedding day she wanted to paint HE and LP on Tim’s shoe soles so when he knelt down all the congregation would be able to read it!!

I spent ages sorting out the last few wwoofers photos and getting them ready to print out to add to my book.
Took my lunch to bed and watched some more of ‘Jam & Jerusalem’ but fell asleep.
Am just so weary at present.
Alan & Eare arrived mid arvo for a visit and bought me some fish.
They stayed for a cuppa and chat which was lovely.

Mahalia & Sarah went off swimming.
They came in around 5pm and decided to bake biscuits.
Then it was getting near dinner time and the oven was full of baking so I heated up the mince casserole in the electric frypan and added spinach &  lasagna to it.
With a scattering of grated cheese dinner was very tasty and simple.
Dave popped in to say g’day, had a cuppa and some mussels and then took Prisca off to their place for the night, on her first step of the journey home.
Shoshannah went off to bed early as she was heading out for an early morning hunt with Anson.
Clemence & Johan went off to watch ‘Black Sheep’ and Mahalia & Sarah snuggled up on the sofa to watch ‘Boy’.
It was 8:30pm and the sun was just leaving its last reflections on the clouds as I cruised off to my bed.
I watched a little bit of ‘Jam & Jerusalem’ before drifting off to sleep.


Sunday 2nd February
Shoshannah went out hunting with Anson soon after 5am.
I was awake so lay in bed reading an article written by a friend about her experiences when she was a secretary to Bill Gothard.
An extremely well written true story on a very interesting website.

A day off for everyone – except the one who makes the food etc!
I was up, had a spa, did my treadmill walk, made the bread etc  and was getting ready to go over to Waterfall Bay before most of the others were even thinking of opening their eyes.
I made a couple of Joy’s Quick Cakes.
A recipe I got many years ago from a neighbor in Renwick.
She has since passed on, but her memory remains each time I bake the cake 🙂
Anson & Shoshannah arrived back mid morning with a couple of pigs so they were happy.
We were just about ready to leave when a boat came whizzing in and dropped off a friend to come visit me.
Janice and crew were staying in The Lodge for the weekend.
Mahalia made a cup of tea for us both and we chatted a while unit the boat returned for her.
Then the girls and I hopped in my vehicle and we zipped over the hill and finally arrived sometime after 1pm.
Phoebe and babe were upstairs with Janice.
She is a midwife and was happy to help Phoebe with some of her queries as she has been feeling rather bereft of medical assistance since she had the baby.
Sapphire was asleep on her bed.
Totally out for the count!

Janice and I sent Phoebe off for a shower and we changed her bed and tidied things for her.
Moved Sappy into her carry crib.
The wee girl ain’t so wee actually – has nearly grown too long for her bed!P1030605
She just carried on sleeping for hours much to her young aunts frustration as they were dying for a cuddle.

I made the most of being there to put all my washing through their machine.
Did about 4 large loads!
Mahalia & Shoshannah spent most of the avro resting.
Shoshannah wasn’t feeling too flash, she has a head cold and is a bit miserable.
Love this pic of Mahalia & Skip enjoying the afternoon sun.
We had cake and I had presents for Phoebe & Seb.
It is the first anniversary of Cypress’s birth today so we wanted to share the day with them both.

Sapphire finally woke and was much adored by all, especially her Daddy.
P1030610 P1030612
Nicky drove round to join the party for an hour or so.
We decided to get some food on for their dinner before we left.
I cleaned out the fridge and Mahalia sorted all the food and Nicky cut up veges for a stir fry.
Not much fun when you are recovering from a c-section and have such large baby to carry and feed, plus Seb’s back is giving him so much pain that they need some extra support right now.
And with all our extra hands we can make things happen easily 🙂
Sapphire come downstairs after her feed to see us all before we left.
Beautiful babe is just a month old and doing so well.

It was after 6pm when we left.
Such a gorgeous day that it still felt early.
We gave Nicky a ride up the hill to her car and then headed home.
Stopped at the top gate cuz Shoshannah was going to take the sign off the gate and bring it home to repaint.
But the gate was connecting to the electric fence and she got quite a shock and burst into tears.
It was then I realized just how unwell she was.
So we came straight home so I could get her off to bed.
But she wanted to help a bit first.
I hung out all the washing that I had put through during the afternoon.
It easily filled the clothesline!
Shoshannah put on some potatoes and Mahalia fried up the fish Alan & Eare had left me yesterday.
I made a coleslaw and dinner was done!

Sarah had been out kayaking.
Clemence & Johan had sent the day resting.
We had dinner and then as it was late we headed off to bed.


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