Saturday 22nd February

Woke at 7:30am.
All very quiet so I did some stuff on the computer and then got up and chatted with Phillipa for a while.
The clock was ticking along faster than I was so it soon got to be mid morning and I could see my time to get the things done in town fast disappearing.
Got myself showered and ready to face the day and was out the door around 11am.
Went to see Ross & Andrea to drop off some things.
Lovely to have a few moments to talk with Andrea before I had to leave at midday.
Met up with Sally at Sinful Coffee.
Never been there before, never even knew about it.
It is a really nice cafe – great food and apparently according to Sally, wonderful coffee.
I’m not sure if it was the heat, or that I was over hungry, or if it is just the emotional stress, but my stomach was not happy.
I was feeling quite sick and churned up.
Sally shouted me lunch – it was my birthday present – Thanks Sally it was a lovely gift 🙂
But the best present was to get to spend a couple of uninterrupted hours with you xxx
It was so good to talk with her and to be able to share so much.
The emotional turmoil is relentless at the moment and I ended up having a good cry on her shoulder.
It was after 2pm and I had to reluctantly leave.

Just had time to nip into a couple of shops to pick up some things I needed for the birthday present before heading back to the house to get ready.
I took Phillipa, Pat & Lydia in my car and we drove out to Motueka to join other friends and family in the celebration of Colin’s 60th birthday.
It was really nice to be able to be there but it was also really hard.
I was feeling wrung out emotionally and not up to too much talking.
Most folk respected that, but I did get cornered at one stage which was very difficult.
Some people just do not know when to back off and stop asking personal probing questions.
And right now I cannot deal with that.
I have a few close friends I can talk with about personal things, but it is just way too hard to go there with others.

Colin & Jillian have 10 children and  a number of grand kiddies – only 3 were not there.

Happy BIrthday Colin 🙂
P1040515 P1040516 P1040517 P1040520

We enjoyed a buffet bbq and then cake & dessert.
The girls all hopped into the spa and the boys hooned off playing games in the dark while the adults talked.
It was after 9:30pm when we left.
Got back and had coffee and buns which Phillipa’s Norwegian boarder had made.
Rather tasty and good comfort food to go to sleep on.


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