Monday 24th February

Lay in the spa and watched  a session of The Mentalist.

A day of paperwork.

So many changes afoot.
One thing sparks the need to do another.

Firstly – Jesika’s news.
To quote her announcement –
“ SO! Our next adventure is about to take off!! 
We will be leaving our humble home in Melbourne and driving across the Nullabor in our trusty new steed with all our worldly possessions in tow ALL the way to Perth where we will be making our new home!! We are shipping out before dawn on Wednesday and excitedly travelling to a whole new chapter of adventures, beaches, sun, sand dunes and heaps more!
And here is proof of the action.
It’s all most exciting – somewhere else to add to our holiday destinations 🙂

Then Shoshannah’s news.
She has decided she really wants to go to school.
It is too hard for her here now.
And a face to face learning opportunity will be good.
I’m okay with it as she is coming up 17 and I have managed to get her thus far.
Now it is her time to start the wing spreading, the climb out of the cocoon.
Over the past few days I have been doing lots of homework in preparation for this to happen.
Today I have spent all day filling in forms.
Enrollment forms, boarding allowance applications, etc etc
I have made lots of phone calls to get more info on how to present that into.
Nothing is easy or straight forward!

Anson came to visit.
He had been around his possum traps, they are catching a lot at present which is wonderful.
He and Jesika were going to do a currency swap so he checked his Australian bank account online for the first time since he came home.
As he hardly ever uses his Aust card here in NZ plus he has no computer, he hasn’t bothered to check the account.
We found heaps of mysterious withdrawals from weird places and a very depleted balance.
He called up the bank in Australia and had a long talk with someone who then put him on hold for ages and finally he got to talk to the fraud squad.
The withdrawals have been happening for a year now, just 3 or 4 semi smallish amounts each month, very cunning, very sneaky, but over time they have added up to a lot.
Then we had to email all those places to ask if they know anything about the withdrawals and if we have not heard from them in 7 days then the fraud squad can activate an inquiry.
Well guess what we found?
Every website & contact email addresses was very very similar.
So I am figuring that we will most probably never hear a peep from any of them.
In the meantime his account has been frozen so they can’t touch anymore of his hard earned  money.
A really good warning to you all – keep an eye on your bank accounts.
There’s some rotten scumbags out there who are very happy to part you from your hard earned savings :-/

Sebastian drove over with Mahalia.
She had cleaned the Lodge for/with Phoebe today and Seb had papers to pick up.
More paperwork re his back.
Another warning to you all out there – make sure you know exactly what your insurance will be covering and get all the fishhooks sorted before you pay any premiums.
We were under an understanding re ours and now find we were not told about something very important.
Needless to say I am furious.
All the red tape involved with getting help and assistance for him is ridiculous.
And the time it is taking is crazy considering the amount of pain he is constantly experiencing.
Just hope they get things kicked into action real soon, it’s been going on for over 5 months now.
Far too long to live with that amount of pain and for his body to deal with the high dosages of pain killers  he has to take to manage it.

So picture the kitchen table with Shoshannah trying to study her Firearms Safety course at one end, me at the other trying to get all the forms sorted, and in amongst this Azzan is supposed to be doing some English and  Maths.
Only problem is he is wanting my help and attention.
But my attention is divided – being sliced up too many ways!
Because I cannot give it to him 100% he is off on his exercise tangents or throwing a wobbly because he can’t do it and I can’t help him right when he needs me to.
He is up off his seat hoola hooping, then skipping, then using ‘7’ app on my phone, then on the treadmill going flat out.
He is just non stop!
Then Mahalia arrives and adds her stuff to the equation.
She is supposed to be doing maths & harp.
The harp practice happened but that’s about it!
My head is swirling.
Everyone is hungry.
Shoshannah makes herself some lunch and then heads off to bed for a sleep.
She is very tired and her eyes are playing up badly.
Mahalia prepares all the additives for me and then I create some omeletes for the three of us.
We eat them in my bed and watch the final of Mentalist Season 3.

Then it is back to the paperwork.
Azzan got the washing in, folded it and put it away.
Mahalia did some dishes.
Shoshannah lit the fire to heat up the water.
She also did a check through the curriculum handbook and marked off all the subjects she is interested in.
Tomorrow we will address those and narrow the field.

The other news of the day is that Nathan passed his Full Drivers License test.
Fantastic Nathan!!
Well done, now a fully legal driver 🙂

Shoshannah made herself some dinner and headed off to bed early.
Mahalia & Azzan prepared dinner for the three of us.
Boiled potatoes & carrots with steamed broccoli and cocktail sausages in a creamy tomato sauce.
Very tasty.
We cuddled up on my bed again and watched some more of The Mentalist.
Now it is late and time to shut shop.
It is very night time quiet here, a bit creaky and a bit spooky.
There are noises from outside – just large bugs flying to the lights and banging around on the skylights etc, cat meowing outside the door, moths dive-bombing the windows….

Time I made a drink and headed off to bed.
Night all xxx

One thought on “Monday 24th February

  1. I know what you mean to make sure every bit of paper work is looked over with a fine tooth comb. when my husband hurt his back at work we thought he would be covered by ACC since we both pay ACC levies but no we should of had a separate insurance for injuries because we are self employed Oh the joys of owning your own business.

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