Sunday 23rd February

Slept in a tad after the late night.
Phillipa, Pat & Lydia were heading off to church so I packed and got myself moving.
Said our goodbyes as they played the ‘hunt for the car keys’ game!
Finally found and they were off.
I just had time to get myself down the road to Crusoes’s Cafe to meet up with Cat.
She arrived with Leeann & Sasha.
We have a lovely couple of hours catching up over some good food.
Well some of us did.
Cat & Leeann had decided to go on a juice fast that morning so they were drooling over our food.
Here they are with their empty glass mugs waiting for their herbal tea to brew.
While they watched Sasha and I enjoyed our brunch 🙂
Bit rough eh?
They were so desperate they ate the brewed herb/fruits from their teas 🙂

Me and my girl 🙂
She is on call and probably won’t get home this time onshore so it was really nice to be able to catch up with her before I came home.
I had to zip into the city before 1pm to pick up some stuff for Anson so lots of hugs and we were off and away.

Got Anson’s stuff and then went back to Tahunanui to visit Sally.
She has recently had a major shoulder op so was good to see her feeling so much better already – be it a tad bored and frustrated with her confinement!
The weather had taken a change for the worse and it was really really windy.
I zipped back into the city and picked up the girls.
We went to The Warehouse, Countdown and United Videos to get last few things and then stopped at Z Fuel, Starbucks & Hangar 58 to fuel us up for our trip home.
Actually left town around 4pm – amazingly early for us.
Road is really rough at present and very dusty as there has been no rain in ages.
We stopped at Tim’s cairn to replace the flowers and found his boots and rocks falling down so we spent some time getting it sorted.
Went down to Waterfall Bay to drop off Mahalia and pick up Azzan.

Phoebe’s family were there en mass having dinner.
Caught up with Sapphire – she has grown so much in the few days since I last saw her!
We finally left just on dark and stopped in to drop off Anson’s stuff.
Eden was asleep so we tippy toed in.
The kids just about put Marah through the roof as she was not expecting them and they loomed up out of the darkness and peered in through her kitchen window 🙂
Arrived home and unpacked the car.
We all needed to get off to bed.
Azzan came back out to see me.
He was upset.
His Daddy wasn’t here and he wanted him to be.
We had a cuddle and he shed a few tears before going back to bed.
It’s tough.

I recently found this poem on this blog site.
It says it all.

The Cure
by Albert Huffstickler
We think we get over things.
We don’t get over things.
Or say, we get over the measles
but not a broken heart.
We need to make that distinction.
That things that become part of our experience
never become less a part of our experience.
How can I say it?
The way to ‘get over’ a life is to die.
Short of that, you move with it,
let the pain be pain,
not in the hope that it will vanish
but in the faith that it will fit in,
find its place in the shape of things
and be then not any less pain but true to form.
Because anything natural has an inherent shape
and will flow towards it.
And a life is as natural as a leaf.
That’s what we’re looking for:
not the end of a thing but the shape of it.
Wisdom is seeing the shape of your life
without obliterating (getting over) a single
instant of it.

One thought on “Sunday 23rd February

  1. Sapphire baby-girl, OSO cute!!…You DO have gorgeous babies sweet friend..and wow on that poem…sending love. (and not happy that I can’t make a cool-heart here, like on Facebook, so…I will go make one there, for ya 🙂

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