Wednesday 26th February

Just another day.
Kids and I did normal morning stuff, dishes, washing, floors, mail etc.
Michael came down to see us and then walked up to visit Tim.
Not an easy walk as it is the first time up to the grave site for him.
Jesika & Evan left early this morning for their journey across the Nullibor.
This is them all loaded up and leaving at 5:30am on the first stage of the trip.
Jesika was sending me messages along the way so I was able to track them on Google maps.
They drove via Bordertown and then up through the Borossa Valley to Port Augusta.
A much prettier route than traveling through Adelaide city but still a very long day.
***I have just been messaged to say they have arrived safely in Port Augusta.
1037.7kms in 15.5hours – what a mission.
And that is just Day One!

Drove over to Waterfall Bay at midday.
Shoshannah relieved Phoebe of the baby so her arms were free.
Kids and I whizzed around and helped Phoebe get some stuff done.
Anson & Marah arrived with Eden.
We got the wee girls sorted with their aunts and uncle so the 5 of us could have an uninterrupted meeting.
Sat and talked for several hours.
First time for a business meeting, but not the last.
Was good to make the time to communicate and make plans.
Our lives get so busy just living that we have to force the time to stop and touch base.

It was most exciting to see this grey heron land on the chimney.
Apparently there have been quite a few coming in, it is the first I have seen in ages.
Shoshannah took Eden walking in the buggy to get her to sleep.
It worked.
She was quite dewey eyed and cuddly when she woke up.

Sapphire had a feed and then slept through the rest of the meeting.
This is apparently her waking up face.
It had me laughing so hard!
Sort of slightly incongruous with her tee shirt eh? 😉
I had taken over a pasta bake from my freezer which we heated up for lunch.
My three were all being rather wilting on the sofas when not needed any more for babysitting duties.
Mahalia cleaned the Lodge and I put several loads of washing through and the kids and I hung it all out.
Anson wanted to get back to kill some sheep so they left once we had finished up.
Shoshannah went back with them to help with the kill.
I was planning to leave soon after but got side tracked.
Went for a wander to talk with Ritchie.
He was conditioning ropes so showed me their system and the ‘new’ forklift which I am pleased to hear is making life so much easier for them.
Seb was in the workshop inventing a rope measuring machine.
He was failing fast and needed to get to bed so I didn’t hold him up.
Just praying that the powers that be will get moving and he will get into the spinal specialist real soon.
I chatted some more with Phoebe.
The kids and I finally left and got home around 6pm.
Mahalia went up to water Olly and the orchard.
It is so dry here at present, all the leaves are falling off the fruit trees.
Decided to have a quick and easy dinner so we made rice paper rolls.
It was fun and the kids loved them.
We filled them with slices of capsicum, grated carrot, fired onion, guacamole and salmon.
Watched some of The Mentalist and then the kids all headed off to bed.

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