Friday 28th March – Part 1 A morning walk

Our last morning on Stewart Island.
The sunrise was bright and gorgeous.
I tippytoed around the backpackers windows trying to find a good location to record it.
Thankfully there were only 2 other folk awake to be stunned by this mad woman running about in her pjs, pushing open a stuck window & standing on the window sill to get the best vantage point 🙂
I got myself showered and packed and moved my things into the storage room and hung out in the kitchen for a while until it was time to wake the kids.
We had to have our rooms vacated by 10am but they were happy for us to chill in the living areas for as long as we wanted.
Very accommodating folk 🙂
I was sitting with my laptop checking messages when I found one from Shoshannah, linking to a video she had just posted.
I sat and silently wept as I watched it.
So hard at times like this to be surrounded by virtual strangers.
Tribute to Dad

I got the kids up around 9:30am and finally they were packed and ready to go.
Unfortunately the Nature Cruise was not a goer again because it was too rough out in the Strait.
I did have a backup plan though, was not going to let the kids sit inside for the remaining hours of our visit 😉
We went for a walk out to the old stone house that we had seen 2 days ago while on the Paterson Inlet Cruise.
It was a 2km walk along the road out towards the point.
It was a coolish morning so we all had our warm jackets on but after a while they were striped off as we heated up from the walking.
It is a lovely walk, passing quite a few cool boat sheds along the way.
Not too sure what this bay was called but the sand colours were beautiful – a mix of black and golden.
This row of gum trees may not be endemic but they are providing a nursery for native plants.
This old wharf/jetty looked very unstable but Mahalia was determined to test it out.
It stood fast despite her jumping 🙂
More cute boat sheds.
Technically they are not allowed to be lived in.
But the locals get around that by ‘living on their boat’ which just happens to be stored in the shed 😉
Some viewing points along the way.
At the end of the road in Harrold’s Bay – ‘Port of Call‘.
Then a 5-10min walk along an easy track to the stonehouse.
Felt a bit sorry for Lewis Acher when I read his story.
He worked so hard here only to have the Crown take it off him when they purchased Stewart Island in 1864.
He apparently tiered his 9 children in bunks 5 high to fit them all in to the is wee cottage.
Mahalia wanted to go out to the point but we had a ferry to catch so decided to head on back.
Mahalia banged her chin on something and wanted to take a photo of it with my camera so she could see if there were any marks.
I teased her by saying she was getting far too vain and as I couldn’t see anything there was nothing to worry about.
Then down the road she found this corner mirror so had to check it out there 🙂
I am very pleased with my Scarpa boots.
I bought them at MacPac in Dunedin and they have proved to be very comfortable, no blisters at all and I have worn them pretty much continuously for the past 3 days.
I hate heavy footwear so have been fairly picky when choosing a hiking boot, am so glad I found these.
They are perfect.
We must’ve walked around 5-6 kms all up and by the time we arrived back in the village we were all starving hungry and very thirsty so we made a beeline to the South Sea Hotel for some sustenance.
It was our farewell meal so we sat and enjoyed it.
Ron & Sheryl arrived back from their walk and spotted us in there so came to have a chat.
They were taking the same ferry back so we arranged to talk further then and went off to get our gear ready.
We had nearly an hour to chill out at Bunkers so chatted with Alex & Danilo, Grant, and Jay when he arrived back from work.
Then at 2:45pm we trundled off down the street to check in at the ferry office.
The day had been rather overcast with a few spits of rain but nothing untoward.
Another ferry came in and a large group of people hopped off onto our ferry.
They were from a Porche group who were on tour and had done a quick day trip.
Farewell Stewart Island.
I will be back!

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