Friday 28th March – Part 2 Back on the Mainland

I sat and talked with Ron & Sheryl on the way across.
It wasn’t so rough as the previous crossing but I was still having to breath deep to hold down my lunch.
We got our gear once it was all unloaded at the Bluff wharf and then walked up to Bluff Lodge to find our car.
I had parked next to Grant’s van.
Mahalia didn’t know and when we arrived she just went crazy with delight over it.
So apparently VW vans and Swift cars are her major vehicular delights 🙂
Lex was out so I left him a note and then drove to Stirling Point to show the kids the other side of the Strait, the apparent end of the world and the other end of the chain link.
The ferry was going back across.
I then drove up to the top of Bluff Hill.
It was so incredibly windy our car doors nearly took off!!
Wonderful views up there.
It is worth braving the elements just to get your cobwebs blown out.
Very exhilarating 🙂
Kids had fun when we got back to the car.
They were buzzing from the wind blasts!
We drove on to Invercargill and found our motel for the night.
It is Surrey Court Motel.
We were most delighted with our choice as it is roomy, comfortable and the hosts, Shona & Greg, are really lovely down to earth great southern Kiwi folk.

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