Saturday 29th March

I had warned the kids that we needed to be out of the motel door at 9:30am so was rather disappointed that they were trailing in the dust and causing me to stress when they were not ready in time.
I scooted along the road following the directions given me by Suzie at Rakiura Rides.
Mahalia was booked in to go on a 3 hour trek with her and some friends.

I left her there, happy as wee sandboy, and Azzan & I headed back to town.
I found Starbucks and got my very much needed caffeine fix to help me get my day into some sense of kilter!
We came back to the motel briefly to pick up some things.
While here I booked for a further two nights at Surrey Court just to give us time to chill and rest up.
I am really really tired.
I had a voucher to use at Manna bookstore so we found it and spent some time in there choosing some books and dvds.
It was then time to head out to the beach to watch the riders come along.
But they had travelled faster than planned so we met them at the turnoff.

P1080266 P1080267 P1080268
We carried on down to see Oreti Beach and left them to carry on.
I haven’t been here since I was 12 so it was interesting to come back again.
We caught up with them again on the way back along the river.

One very happy young lady.

We said our thanks and goodbyes and drove back into the city.
I had jeans to change at JeansWest so did that.
They and a sale on so Azzan got several really nice shirts and t-shirts which will fit him for hopefully sometime!
Also got the two of them a pair of jeans each on their special deal.
Then off to The Batch for lunch.
Jill & Gareth had recommended it to me and they were not wrong.
It is probably the best cafe I have ever been to.
The food is superb, the service is great and very friendly and the surroundings very pleasant.
We sat outdoors, just wished I had realised how tired Mahalia was.
She didn’t want to eat and collapsed with her head on the table for most of the meal!

We came straight back to the motel unit and crashed out for the rest of the day.
It was drizzly but not cold.
I put through a large load of washing and got it dry.
Mahalia hoped straight into bed.
Azzan watched tv and wrote notes.
Later Mahalia phone Marah and we had a good catch up.
Later we had baked beans & eggs on toast for dinner.
Crashed into bed around 10ish.

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