Friday 25th April

It was a very mixed morning weatherwise.
Blue skies tempted us, then the showers started, and stopped and started again.

Finally the sun came through and the day was glorious.
I had to go change some clothes to cool off!
Laura & Merrin were enjoying wandering in the garden.
I love the old buildings here.
The house was the original old farm house before it was all subdivided so there are some cool old buildings here.
Lovely old roses too – unfortunately some are being rather a pest for Laura as they insist on growing where she doesn’t want them.

I love these bifolding doors.
They really bring the outside in and the inside out.
They were open most of the day.
The wind got up more as the day went on, but the trees shelter the house.
Mahalia & Azzan chilled out for most of the morning.
Then they gave the car a really good clean out and got rid of loads of rubbish and started sorting their bags for camp.
Then they went off for a long walk.
I caught up on emails etc.
Around 3pm Laura, Steve, Merren & Ryan went over to help Bruce get the silage cover on.
Then back to make dinner.
It was Bruce’s b’day so a good excuse for him to come join his two sisters and have a family dinner.
When dessert was served Kristi presented her father with a chocolate birthday cheesecake.
Lots of dessert to go round.
Once again far too much food.
But that leaves lots for tomorrow 🙂
It was nice to catch up with Kathy & Bruce and their family – Kristi, Luke & Daniel.
Hadn’t seen them in quite sometime.
They left sometime before 11pm.
I thought my two had gone off to bed, but found them curled up in the corner watching  movie!
They did some more quick packing and then headed to their sleeping bags.

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