Thursday 24th April

I woke at 7:30am so zipped through the shower and got myself organised to head off soon after 8am.
Drove 45mins into Christchurch and picked up Mahalia.
She and Madeline had been having a great girls time.
Stayed half an hour waiting for Louisa to get home, but gave up and headed off to do the shopping.
Mahalia wanted to get some socks so we went to Northlands Mall.
This was not in my plan so I was feeling a bit rushed having to slot in this extra time.
She found sox at The Warehouse and then we zipped along the mall to Farmers and found shorts for her and some other things for me.
I wanted to pop round and see Janet & David briefly before leaving, so we did that, although the navigating took us a wee way off course :-/
Was good to see them both, will go back for longer next week.
Then we headed to Raeward Fresh in Hareward Road to fill Azzan’s shopping list and get some lunch.
David sent us off on the Papanui Road route, I think he was forgetting the busy traffic!!
We should have followed Janet’s directions, it would’ve been so much quicker 😉
We eventually got moving after some long queues and twiddling of thumbs.
Zipped around Raewards gathering up all the requirements from a most interesting menu list.
It was getting later so we decided to get some take out food from the cafe, but the cafe was manic!
We chose my food front he cabinet, gave our order but what I had chosen had already been pre sold, so I made another choice.
We stood back to wait for it to be warmed.
Then a guy came looking for us, apologised profusely that my order had been pre sold again and he was giving me my money back and letting me choose something else for free.
Can’t argue with that 🙂
Finally we took our food and drove back to Darfield.
I dropped Mahalia off with the groceries so she could help Azzan start his cooking.
He had gone to the river with Steve!
So she made a start on the cheesecake.
It was a raw vegan recipe.
I went to the village to meet up with Emma.
She was delayed so I wander the street and visited a few of the shops.
Found a present for my friend 🙂
It was a very impracticable one, but one to make her smile 🙂
We met up at the Express Yourself Cafe.
Once we had ordered our afternoon tea I presented Emma with my crazy gift.
It did make her smile 🙂

When you squeeze his hand he sings ‘Zip-aDee-Doo-Dah’ – you cannot help but smile 🙂
We had a most enjoyable time together, as we always do.
Just never have enough of those times, which I guess makes them all the more special.
Love yo my friend xxx

Finally got back around 5:30pm-ish to find my two busy busy in the kitchen.
It was Master Chef night.
Mahalia proudly showed me her cheesecake which she had stashed away in the freezer.DSC00200
They had the bacon omelettes in the oven
And he was busy stirring his beef dish.
Mahalia was making salads etc and I was told to get out of the kitchen and to nt make any suggestions or comments!
We adults took great pleasure in being able to relax at the other end of the living room and converse without having to worry about cooking dinner.
I had found candles in the village which delighted my young man.
Knew they would.
His table would seem very abnormal without candles.
He set the table and poured the first round of drinks, soda water with a twist of lemon.
Finally we were all allowed to come to the table and the feast began.
Entree was broccoli & blue cheese soup with bacon omelettes.DSC00209
It was so filling that I requested a very small portion of mains.
Mains was beef schnitzel in a Chinese sauce, with spring rolls, Asian dumplings and salad.
Drinks with this was red sparkling grape juice.
Then after a fashionable delay we were served dessert.
The cheesecake was delicious and the fruit kebabs were absolutely perfect to finish off the meal.DSC00215
Afterwards we sat around and gave Azzan & Mahalia our individuals evaluations and scores.
5 of us gave a score out of 10 for each of the three courses.
They all added up to 134 out of 150!
Then Azzan gave us a summary of what he would do differently next time and finally the entertainment for the night was them playing with the red wax from the melted candles.
And using my red highlight setting I captured these photos of the chefs 🙂
An excellent night.
Thanks to Azzan for having the ideas and desire to create the menu.
Thanks to Mahalia for being a wonderful sister and helping Azzan with the cooking.
And thanks to Laura & Steve for allowing them to get loose in the kitchen, and to Merrin for dropping us all into it 🙂


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