Wednesday 23rd April

Azzan and I had a leisurely beginning to the day.
Inez made us a deliciously nutritious smoothie to start our day with.
I had a lovely chat with her in the kitchen while the kids were busy being kids.
We were all packed and ready to go by 10:30am.
Katherine & her three darlings had arrived along with Josh, Hope & Aroha.
Emma & Amy had stayed the night, so the 8 of them were getting busy on their Autumn projects.
Knitting was the theme when we left.
A busyness of wool and colour – shame we had to leave.
Looked heaps of fun.
We had time to go to Farmers and find some tights I wanted.
Walked through to find Graeme, Olly & Liz at Mike Pero’s office on the other side of the road.
Nice to catch up with Liz before we left.
We then headed off to find Arthur Street Kitchen.
It was getting really cold so once there I headed off to the bathroom and changed from sandals to tights and boots!
Cathy arrived soon afterwards and then Maurice joined us too which was an added bonus as we hadn’t caught up with him last time.
It was a lovely spot to meet up.
Very busy but we still got our food in a reasonable space of time.
It was delicious food too 🙂
Cathy finally had to head back to work so we trundled off on our way north.
We stopped off at Hopkinsons at Washdyke cuz Inez had suggested we should.
And of course I always do what I am told 😉
It was a wonderful place to spend time and money!!
We then carried on and headed inland towards Geraldine.
We did plan to explore the town but when we got there we just wanted to keep going.
So after a quick comfort stop at the info centre we were on the road again.
Stopped above Rakaia Gorge.
I got caught when I hopped out to take some photos.
The temperatures were much cooler and the wind gusts almost knocked me flying!
There are two bridges across the gorge.

The first is a reinforced concrete arch structure to the west.
And the second historic bridge is constructed of wrought iron in an unconventional form of trussed beam.
The water had a very very cold look to it!!
We carried on to Darfield and thanks to my iPhone maps found Stephen & Laura’s place with no trouble at all.
Merrin is visiting for a week too so it was good to catch up with them all over dinner and then evening.
Azzan was very entertaining and there was much chat about Master Chef and Come Dine With Me, two of his current favourite tv shows.
He has spent days, if not weeks, writing up menus and ideas of what he would do.
Merrin said he could experiment on her.
So before he knew what was happening he was organised to cook dinner for us all the next night!
He rose to the challenge and presented me with a shopping list.

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