Monday 28th April

Woke to a wet Christchurch morning.
The forecast was for the rain to increase so there was a lot of anxiety amongst some of the city folk re more flooding.
It is pretty horrendous here for those who are affected by land sinkage since the earthquakes.
Sure enough as the day wet on and the weather got worse the water levels in some areas rose again.

I was up and away by 9am.
I zipped down to Northlands Mall to return a top at Farmers and to get some sushi rice for Madeline.
Parked in the wrong place and ended up having to walk the full length of the mall to find Countdown, only to find they didn’t have any.
So back to Pak’n’Save and they had plenty.
Got up quite a sweat traipsing up and down the stupid mall!!
Was very glad to get out of there.
Drove round to visit Janet.
Had a very congenial visit over a cuppa 🙂
Just wasn’t long enough!
Then at 11am I got a call to go pick up Madeline & George.
Louisa had dropped them off at their grandparents place so they could sweep up all the fallen leaves and make the place look a tad nicer for their return from their holiday.
They had done as good a job as they could before the rain set in.
I dropped them back home and then headed off to pick up some stuff Bri had brought down for me from home.
She had arrived back late last night.
It was absolutely bucketing down and I was very glad of my warm raincoat.
I drove along to the Windmill Centre at Riccarton and found a park right outside the Ed Hooper cafe.
Was early so made a few phone calls while I had some time.
Hadn’t taked to Nathan since we left on our road trip so was absolutely delighted to find he & Mira were in Rangiora and coming into the city.
We arranged to meet later.
Fiona arrived so we spent her lunch hour having a good D&M over some good food.
She’s been a good mate of mine since our days at Secretarial School back in 1975.
Nathan & Mira arrived so I met them at Starbucks.
We caught up on the past few weeks and then went for a wander in mall.
It was 4pm so I gave them hugs goodbye and headed across the city to go visit Kathryn.
Lovely to see their house all fresh and lovely from the earthquake repairs.
I sat and knitted while we conversed over a cup of herb tea.
By 6pm the daylight had disappeared and it was time for them to go out and for me to head back to Louisa’s.
Madeline had made sushi.
She had made me two rice cakes as I don’t like the nori.
You did very well for the first time making it Madeline – well done 🙂IMG_6895
After dinner Madeline was very tired, even if she didn’t think she was 😉
So she went off to bed and George did some study.
Louisa & I relaxed and watched a movie.

The cat enjoyed the fire and after the movie ended we talked, and talked some more and before we knew it it was 2am!!
Off to bed.



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