Sunday 27th April

The leaders had to be at camp by 10am today.
It was a grey day with rain threatening.
It got colder and colder throughout the day.
Mahalia & Azzan went off with Lenore down to where they were all meeting up.
I packed up and then made the most of the peace & quiet to do some internet banking etc.
Lenore popped back up to the house and then we sat and chatted over a cup of tea.
Then all too soon it was lunch time so we continued talking over a lovely chicken salad.
Another cup of tea and then I hopped in the car with Lenore and we drove down to where the kids were all hanging out.
There was another group using the camp facilities who were not leaving until mid afternoon so the CEF team were having fun interacting and socialising at the other end of camp.
I sat and chatted with Peter.
The girls were all enjoying each others company.
Finally it was getting too cold to sit out any longer so I walked back up to the house.
Met up with Ross and ended up talking with him for another hour.
Easy to do 😉
Finally loaded all my gear into the car and left around 3:45pm.
Headed straight to Rangiora.
Called up Jesika and chatted to her on loudspeaker as I drove.
Then popped into visit Elizabeth & Robin for a while.
Nice to catch up with them – it’s been a while.
Left around 6pm and drove on into Christchurch, chatting with Jesika again.
Great to have free calling to Australia on my phone plan now.
Plus helps to wile away the driving hours.
I did some searching around Northlands for some food for my dinner, finally found Burger Wisconsin and got myself one.
Louisa, Roger & kids were just back from Auckland so I took it back to their house and munched it all up.
I was quite hungry by this point.
Roger & Madeline went off to get groceries and came back with sushi ingredients.
Madeline wants to have a go at making it.
George was cleaning his room & moving in with Oliver, graciously allowing me to sleep in his bed for the week.
It was very cosy and warm and I was very glad to collapse into it.

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