Tuesday 29th April

After my very late night I was a bit blurry when I woke up at 7:30am.
Had a good long very hot shower which helped.
It was pouring with rain.
45mm overnight and another 20mm expected this morning.
Nothing a good raincoat won’t deal too!
I was out the drive at 9am and down the road to catch up with my cousin Sally.
Hadn’t caught up with her in far too long so it was good to have some unlimited time with her.
We hopped into her car and drove down to Crisp Cafe.
I enjoyed a salmon & potato cake for brunch and we caught up over coffees.
Spent the next three hours catching up on lost months and years.
Finally at midday we had to make tracks, so back to her house and I picked up my car and headed down to Riccarton Mall.
Met up with Nathan & Mira and spent some time with them.
Left them to shop and I splashed through the rain along Moorhouse Ave to find Total Food Equipment to suss out a Vitamix machine.
Wow! What a cool shop.
Got my machine sussed – yippee, I’m joining the Vitamix brigade 🙂
Then it was time to head off to Halswell.
The flooding along the way was extensive.
The road was clear but there was ‘lakes’ along each side of the roads as I got closer to Halswell.
I got to The Old Vicarage at 3:30pm just before Jennie.
We had coffees and a small snack and chatted the rest of the afternoon away.
Then as my evening plans had changed we decided to order some dinner.
Enjoyed 3 lovely hours having a really good d&m with my friend.
We went to the same primary school ‘way back when’!
Then rekindled our friendship as adults about 30 years ago.
Lots of sharing over the years.
I was back at Louisa’s at 7pm.
Rain had eased a tad thankfully.
Quiet evening catching up blogs and chatting with Jesika.
Making more plans 🙂

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