Sunday 25th May

I was awake at 7am so got up and had a shower with the intent of sorting photos and catching up on my blog.
However, after breakfast I received a devastating phone call from David.
He was calling to let me know that our cousin Hayden had been killed at 2am this morning.
He was only 34 and the father of two lovely wee boys who he just loved to bits.
My heart just broke for the wee men & Jane.
I then spent the next hour calling my kids to let them all know, talking/crying with Hanne, and finally managed to get through to Val.
It was really good to talk with her.
Val & Lloyd are my aunt and uncle but are so close in age to me that Lloyd was like the older bro I never had.
And their kids are the similar ages to my older ones, so we cross generations a lot.
Just all too much really.
So gutting and heart wrenching.

Nathan & Mira surfaced sometime later in the morning and eventually some decisions were made re plans for the day.
Mira was peopled out so wanted to stay put.
Azzan & I dropped Nathan off to spend time with James, and we carried on up to Loburn to have lunch with the Wenborn & Lupi clans.
They were cleaning up leftovers and celebrating Bethany’s birthday.
It was freezing cold up there.
Definitely feel like you are under the mountain there, and it is only 20 mins from Rangiora.

We socialised for a while.
I showed Beth and the others the videos I had taken, just wish I knew how to load them on here!!
Will get that figured one day.
Then Azzan & I drove back to Rangiora after 3pm.
Stopped off to say a quick g’day to Emma and then I left Azzan at the house while I went to fuel up the car.
It was blowing a gale and so incredibly cold.
Zipped up to Andrew & Christine’s to give Seb & Phoebe their flight details and then back here to have dinner, shower and pack.
Nathan & Mira went into the movies with James at The Palms for the evening.
They arrived back just before 9pm.
We are all packed now and ready to throw everything in the car early in the morning.
Just praying that tomorrow will not be so feisty in the weather department.

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