Wednesday 28th May

Hazel off to work around 5am and Jesika left after 7am.
We Kiwis were up around 6am and spent the morning chilling.
We all meandered through the showers.
Evan squeezed his in between us and left for work on the bus and train around 11am.
I was last so by the time I was dressed and ready to go Seb & Phoebe had taken Sapphire for a walk to the beach front.
Azzan and I followed and went walking along the beach.
Azzan likes beach combing – just like his Dad did 🙂
He found ‘one of those cuttlefish things that Shanni used to feed her birds’.DSC00853
Then he found these and was playing with them until I suggested that they might just be a poisonous jellyfish type critter.
That made him head to the water to wash his hands!
The water was cool but warm enough to be pleasant to wade in.
We walked right along the beach to a memorial picnic area and then walked back along the pavement.
I’d belted my knee quite badly on the Auckland airport transit bus on Monday and it was really sore today while walking :-/
We got back to the house and crashed out for a while.

Errilyn & Nathan arrived with their boys a couple of hours later.
They had left Kalgoorlie around 4am and arrived here at 2pm.
The boys were very happy to get out of the truck and run around in the garden.
Azzan played hide & seek with them.
Errilyn wanted to take the boys for a walk and release some of their energy.
So they all went with Seb & Azzan for a walk int he park at the end of the street.
Jesika had just got home from work so she joined them.
Phoebe & Sapphie went to have a sleep.
I have been feeling absolutely wiped out.
Body achingly weary since I arrived.
So I opted out of the walk and went to lie down for a while too.
Got up around 4:30pm, in time to see Errilyn & Nathan before they left to find their base for the night.
Azzan helped Jesika make meatballs for dinner.
She made a delicious tomato sauce and zucchini pasta.
It was a really scrummy dinner.
Seb & Phoebe were picked up by John and went to have dinner with him & Bex.
Hazel went to yoga and she got back for dinner around same time as Murray got home from work.
Azzan & I were off to bed around 9pm.


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