Thursday 29th May

I managed to sleep till just before 4am.
Then was woken by the cat yowling in the hallway.
Got up to see if the door had been closed, but no, it was open.
It had just decided that we all needed to be awake :-/
It continued to yowl for about an hour.
I was so tired and feeling really melancholy.
Tears surged quietly from the depths of my spirit.
I lay and and just let them soothe my soul for a while.
I was thinking about the article I read about a Papua New Guinean man who commented about how sad it was that white peoples houses with separate bedrooms for each person  must be incredibly lonely.
How right he is.

I gave up trying to sleep and got up around 6am.
Jesika & Evan were up soon after as they both had work.
Hazel went to work early but came back a couple of hours later as she was sick.
Nathan & Errilyn arrived mid morning.
Seb hopped in with Nathan & the boys and the rest of us drove in my car.
We headed down to Mandurah.

We stopped off at the Forum and the boys went to the beach.
In hindsight we should’ve done that too, but we needed some girl time.
Azzan decided to come with us.
We went straight to the food court and got drinks.
Sapphire enjoyed her first encounter with Boost Juice 🙂
We wandered along the mall checking out the various shops.
Found this wonderful foot and calf massager.
If only I had space in my luggage to take it home.
It was amazing!!
After we had been there a couple of hours we were all totally malled out.
We stopped in at Coles to see Evan but he was too busy to socialise so we made a beeline for the car and drove to the waterfront to find food.
We basically followed out noses and eventually got to Dolphin Quay.
Phoebe found a shop with interesting dresses.
I took Sapphie in the pushchair while Errilyn helped her i the trying on process.
The guys were back by this time so they parked up and walked over the pedestrian bridge.
We were planning to eat at Sharkey’s but by the time we got there the kitchen was closed so we went further along to Nino’s.
Seb & Phoebe finally joined us.
Seb got fish & chips and Azzan a hamburger.
The rest of us bought wedges and I got bruschetta.
Seb took his fish & calamari back as it was undercooked and smelt almost putrid.
They refunded his money!!
Azzan ate half of his burger and then felt very unwell.
A seagull pooped on him from above and while he was in the bathroom cleaning his clothes he vomited several times.
Needless to say, we will  not be returning to that restaurant!!
Despite all of the above we had a pleasant afternoon with Nathan & Errilyn.
Malachi spent most of the time scooting about on his wee bike.

Finally it was time for them to head north so we all said our goodbyes and drove homeward.
Couldn’t resist capturing the clucky couple enjoying their wee cutie  🙂
Aunty Jesika was happy to spend some time with her wee niece.
Entertaining both Sapphie and Brandy.
Phoebe made a stir fry for dinner with Azzan’s help, we ate it with the left over butter chicken and sausages.
It was so cold tonight that Hazel offered to light the fire for me.
Didn’t take long to warm up the living room.
Evan was home early tonight.
There was considerable teasing and Jesika was in fits of crazy hysteria.
We realised that it was 9pm!!
Her bewitching hour :-
IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7316
We were all in bed at a reasonable time.
We all had sleep to catch up on.


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