Saturday 21st June

We had a slightly slow start to the day.
Drove into city and walked down to meet up with Wilf & Diane for brunch at Food Truck Garage.
Beautiful sunny day plus we had the dogs with us, so we sat outside.
The crayons were more interesting as food so Sunni had to remove them from her!
Diane bought her a sunhat back from the Philippines which was a very handy addition to her wardrobe on such a sunny morning.

Food is her thing.
The most important thing in life really.
So when Grandad Wilf offered to share his hot chocolate she certainly wasn’t going to turn it down 🙂
But of course food can also be shared.
And when you have a face just sitting at the right height offering to share is the generous thing to do.
And Zoya of course could not refuse!
We had an enjoyable brunch together.
Zoya, Tank & Echo all behaved admirably and nothing Lily deposited on the ground was left remaining for the staff to clean up.
Ideal customers really 🙂
Some idle streetside chitchat afterwards before we went our separate directions.
Not hard to tell these three generations are related eh? 😉
We came home and put Lily to bed for her nap.

I had an afternoon sleep too.
Azzan & Sunni made wraps using lettuce leaves for dinner.
They were delicious.
The baby sitter arrived at 8pm.
We were all ready to party so drove around the corner to Montage Bar where friends joined us to celebrate Sunniva’s birthday.
It’s a cute wee cocktail bar.
The staff were great and even when it got really busy and they were on the run they still were very pleasant and helpful.
Sunni had checked earlier and Azzan was allowed to join us so he came too.
He stayed for about an hour & a half and then I took him back home.
Lily had woken 10mins earlier and had a bit of an upset tummy.
She was a bit distressed so I helped to calm her down before I went back.
It was nice that she felt comfortable with me as I don’t see a lot of her.
It was a pleasant evening.
Quite crowded at the bar for a while as there seemed to be three different birthday groups there.
We had a spot at the back designated for our group.
I discovered a mocktail on the menu which was really delicious – Virgin Sunrise – fresh juiced orange and a house made pomegranate grenadine sink – so yum!
Also downed a few Asian nibbles throughout the evening.
We left around 1am and after Mat chased down a pie from the local garage I drove them both home.

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