Wednesday 25th June

It was a very wet and windy day.
Stayed in bed all morning working on laptop getting things caught up.
Azzan made breakfast wraps – no working stove here yet so he did them in the fry pan.
Was about to go shower when Seb & Phoebe arrived.
We sat and talked for a while.
Sapphie was so funny.
She has discovered her tongue and likes to poke it out 🙂
Azzan spent all morning unpacking and started sorting his room.
When Mahalia finally came down she started helping him to clean up his room.
They were so excited to see each other – absence and all that stuff!
I helped Phoebe back up her iPhone and save her photos etc.
The bay was white with willywhirls gusting all over the place all afternoon.
The wind was making anything lose on the house bang and crash.
The rain was heavy for a time.
In Nelson we were hearing reports of heavy flooding!
Ive been downloading as much of my online art course as I can today to use up my allocated internet before midnight.
None of it was used while I was away so can’t see all 10GB going to waste 😉
I put washing through but the filter is a bit blocked after all the rain while I have been away so it is taking forever to fill the machine.
Will have to try cleaning it sometime.
Kids were having fun cleaning and being together all arvo.
I made a smoothie for us all around dinner time and then Mahalia baked some parsnip & kumara pieces in the wee oven for dinner.
She did yams too but they took forever to cook so we gave up on them.
The kids made a salad to eat with the roasts and we ate at 9:30pm.
It’s 11:30pm and I think they might just be heading off to bed so I might follow suit very soon.
It’s been a pj day so I don’t have to waste time getting changed tonight, I can just fall into bed 😉


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