Thursday 26th June

Was woken by the phone at 7:45am.
Went back to bed and tried to rest for a bit longer.
Must have slept a bit as I missed a call at 8:30am.
Spent morning trying to unpack, sort stuff out and repack.
Didn’t get far with the repacking.
Anson went off in his boat with Leeann, Henry and another fella – hunting and fishing day by the looks of it.
Azzan made wraps for breakfast.
He was taught well by Uncle Murray whilst in Australia 🙂
Mahalia went off walking for quite some time.
When she finally returned she folded up the washing.
Azzan cleaned up his room.
I mended his new jersey, the stitches had pulled from the pocket and as it is his favourite he was very appreciative.
Sandra called – nice to catch up with her.
Although sad topics as we have lost two local folk in this past week.
I spent time getting paperwork out of the way and organising some business matters.

I didn’t have much of a day.
Spent a lot of it in tears.
Did a fair bit of ranting.
Was feeling really angry.
Angry at Tim for leaving me to deal with everything.
It just feels so darned hard and too much.
Every decision takes so much emotional energy.
I just haven’t got much of that left right now so it is constantly exhausting me.
Azzan is very comforting.
He always has a hug and a massage available when he sees I am distressed.
We lit the fires as it came in really cold.
The rain came in this arvo.
It was very heavy.
Anson dropped off some fish for dinner.
He came back later for a chat.
It was good to run over a few things re the farm.
He was very happy with the latest stock sale results 🙂
Mahalia cooked the fish and with Henry’s help they produced mashed spuds, roast pumpkin cubes and salad.
Then later after dinner I was lying on the sofa talking to Val while Henry made some chocolate thing for dessert.
I let them demolish it all.
Am really not wanting much sweet stuff these days.
I have to go pack my bag for town now.
Thought I didn’t have to be there till 4pm but thankfully I got a reminder text telling me Mahalia has an orthodontist appointment at 11am.
I’d clean forgotten about it!
So we have to leave half a day earlier than planned.
And I am only half ready.


PS – came across this song today – beautiful sung with very appropriate words.
Acknowledge Grief by Ari-Amber Messer



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