Wednesday 27th August

I woke around 5am but unlike the previous few days I snuggled back down again and tried to sleep longer.
Finally got up just after 7am.
Let Bella out and then had my shower.
The kids were both out for the count so I left them until I was nearly ready to leave.
Made a list of things I wanted them to do and then woke them just before I walked out the door.
Went through the list with Mahalia – all was good.
I drove out to Spring Grove and picked up a heap of my curriculum that was left from what Marianne had been trying to sell for me.
She has sold a few items but there is still loads left.
She was out so I called her and found out where it all was.
Backed into the garage and lugged all the boxes into my car.
They filled the boot plus several on the back seat – whew!
I then drove back to Richmond, dropped paperwork off to Ross and went to visit Sally for a while.
Nice to sit and talk for a while, we don’t often get that time these days.
Joy called after 11:30 to say she and Beth were at the mall so I nipped down there to met them at Ginger Cafe for a cuppa.
Joy’s hot chocolate service was a real picture as was the famous ginger crunch.
Both the ladies sat and dissected it to see how they could make it at home 🙂
Then we had to steam off into the city to meet up with Jane, Sarah & Ava for lunch at 12:30pm.
We met at Deville’s cafe and as it was a lovely sunny day we were able to sit out in the courtyard and soak in the Vitamin D.
Jane with her Aunty Beth.
After Jane & Sarah left we sat and finished out lunches and talked some more.
Then it was time to shop so we headed over to Morrison Square.
Jane turned on her best sales pitches and tried to sell clothes to her mum and aunt – it was really funny 🙂
They did succumb and left carrying bags – you are just way too good Jane!!
Then we cruised into a couple other shops, I found a colourful tunic top in Hartleys on a extremely good sale so I came out of there carrying a bag too.
The only time I would carry a bag out of that shop is during a sale!!
We said our goodbyes and I drove round to Tahunanui to pick up a parcel from John & Sally and then onto Phillipa so she could check out the boxes of books as I was sure I had some of hers.
Ended up sitting and talking for ages.
Had a good heart to heart – I am still feeling very fragile and the tears spill without too much prompting.
Finally left just before 6pm and drove straight home.
The kids had done everything and were just making dinner when I arrived so I left them to it and chilled out for a while.
They had done the beginnings of a pumpkin, feta, spinach salad.
They watched Lovely Bones while the pumpkin roasted and I chucked it all together once that was done.
I took mine to bed and caught up on computer stuff while I ate.
Now it is just after 10pm and I have managed to get both kids into bed with lights out as they have very early rise in store.
Azzan is super excited about his day tomorrow, but to be in the city by 9am from here we have to leave early enough so the rush hour traffic doesn’t hold us up.

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