Saturday 30th August

Didn’t sleep well or long.
Too much on my mind.
Woke early.
Spent time just pondering stuff before it was time to get the kids up.

It was a lovely day to be out and about.
We headed into Richmond.
I dropped Azzan off at Ross & Andrea’s.
He was supposed to be hanging out with Shoshannah, but she had gone off mountain biking with David & Luke.
So he hopped in the car and went to the mall with R&A instead.
Then he hung out at their place, rested, slept and played on the computer until she returned later in the arvo.

We went and caught up with this young lady who was decorating Sasha’s ‘new’ chair.
Mahalia fell in love with it – good score Sasha!
I took Mahalia into the city and dropped her off to spend the day with Sophie.
I was attending Ian’s funeral which was due to begin at 1pm.
I knew it would be a packed service and wanted to be there early.
Miraculously found a park across the road from the church and arrived there about half an hour before the beginning so had time to catch up with a few folk.
Graham was there, he has recently returned from his trip to Phillipines and Australia so it was good to catch up with him.
We sat with Jillian & Colin.
It was a great send off for Ian.
I was already feeling very emotional so was finding it hard to contain my tears throughout the service.
Two and a half hours later we all converged on the afternoon tea tables which were groaning under the weight of so much food.
I was ravenous so was glad to help lessen the tables load!
Chatted with lots of folk.
It is interesting attending a funeral of someone like Ian – you see folk there and wonder how and why they knew him.
The web of his life was far reaching, touching so many lives.

It was nearly 5 when I left.
I was supposed to be meeting someone but he didn’t show so I sat on the riverbank and talked to Sunni for ages.
We don’t get to chat without interruption much so it was good to have that time free in such a peaceful place.
Then it was time to pick up Mahalia, Sophie & Katherine and head off to a certain person’s birthday party.
We celebrated Shoshannah’s 17th birthday tonight because on the day she will be at a camp and we will be in Vanuatu.
We had Crusoes Cafe all to ourselves.
The beauty of a large family is that we have enough numbers to make a private booking worthwhile 🙂

Sapphire wishing her Aunty Shanni a happy birthday 🙂
IMG_8723 IMG_8724 IMG_8725 IMG_8726
My camera was left behind so the following photos were taken during the evening on Shoshannah’s camera and also on her new iPhone 4 which I gave her for her birthday 🙂
She thought that her birthday present was just the tickets to Auckland to visit Sunni in a few weeks time so she had no idea I was even thinking about a phone.
As she is the worlds worst at keeping a phone in functioning state it is a real risk giving this to her.
But I am hoping that this one will last a long long time!!

Martin with the amazing vegan stir fry Rami created for him – so much that he had to take most of it home for tomorrow!!
Ross – looking grumpy – guess it was cuz his food came out last!P1010134
David, without Sasha who stayed home sick – we missed you Sasha 😦P1010135
Party girl – way past her bedtime but she was in party party mode!!
P1010136 P1010137 P1010138
Azzan & Sophie
Gareth & Shoshannah
Cousins – good timing Luke to be here for a birthday 🙂P1010141
Ross – happy now he has food!
Luke trying to get his munchers around the humungous  hamburger!!P1010144
And the rest are from the iPhone as they played throughout the night.


It was a really lovely evening.
Happy Birthday Shanni – just in case I don’t get to talk to you on the 13th xxx
Love you my darling nearly to be 17 year old.
May your coming year be filled with love, laughter, and loads of blessings xxxx

It was after 9pm when we all left.
I dropped Mahalia off to spend the night with SHoshannah and Azzan and I come back to the house.
Billy had fed Bella for us, so we let her inside and Azzan gave her some tlc before we headed off to bed.


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