Sunday 31st August

Another gorgeous day.
It is technically the last day of winter but Spring is certainly showing its colours already.
I needed to catch up with Seb before he left so Azzan and I raced into our clothes and out the door in record time.
We were at David & Sasha’s before 10am.
Sasha was wrapped up on the couch, bummer she is not well again.
No fun being sick and missing out on fun activities.
Seb & Phoebe had shopping to do so we drove down tot he mall and while Phoebe & Azzan did the vege shopping at Benge & Co, Seb & I babysat Sapphire next door at Colombus Cafe.
It was so lovely to be able to sit outdoors and be warm enough.
There was an occasional cool breeze so Sapphie found shelter inside her Daddy’s jacket.
Love this photo – look at the hand sizes 🙂
Mahalia & Shoshannah walked down to meet us after church.
They arrived just in time to say goodbye to Phoebe, Sapphie & Seb.
They were heading on their homewards journey.

Azzan had found a compilation of Alfred Hitchcock movies so I went to The Warehouse to buy it with him.
Then left Shoshannah there browsing.
We zoomed up to pick up Mahalia’s bag from the house and headed back home.
It was such a lovely day.
Did I already mention that already?? 😉

Put the jug on, made a cuppa and sat in the sun chatting with Billy while we ate chocolates.
Roses chocolates no less!
What better way to spend a sunny Sunday 🙂
I left Billy chatting with the kids as Jesika had messaged me to say she was off shift and was awake enough to talk.
She is nearly finished her fortnight, budgeting her sleep and work allowances to try and keep herself sane is hard going.
One week of 10 hour day shifts, followed by one week of 10 hour night shifts don’t allow for a steady regular sleep pattern so she is having to learn to adjust and ensure she gets enough quality sleep to ensure she can last the distance.
It was good to catch up with what she is doing, but she finally had to go fall into bed and sleep so I said goodbye and then wandered the garden some more.
The magnolias are all in bloom now but this one is particularly beautiful.
I just love the depth of colour, the shape of each blossom.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and zipped down to Mapua to see Ella and go suss out her horse paddock.
Mahalia is looking at all options for Olly at present.
Ella took us on a guided tour of Mapua’s real estate, interesting to see the properties for sale and how the place is expanding etc.
Came back and had a cuppa with her before coming back home for dinner.
The sunset was sooooo cool tonight.
The light streaks were magical.
Love this photo showing the moon in its first quarter high above the setting sun.DSC04068

Me and my girl tonight xxxx

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