Thursday 25th September

I woke up around 3:30am.
I was really cold and slept fitfully until 6ish.
Lay in bed and read my iPhone kindle until the kids woke up.
We cruised on down for a late breakfast.
A Chinese guest ordered an omelette so Azzan and I decided to have one too.
Needed a change from toast.
We had a very restful morning doing not a lot.
We lay about on the foyer couches using the internet for a while.
Then I went and lay on my bed and read my kindle and dozed until lunch time.
After lunch I rested for some more, Azzan swam.
Then mid arvo the owners son Ned took us for a walk along to some caves in the cliffs.
DSC05467 DSC05468 DSC05470 DSC05471
I let them go in and explore – am not into small spaces.
DSC05473 DSC05474 DSC05475 DSC05477 DSC05478
We wandered about on the rocks and the. I went to see where the bungalows were that I had stayed in when we came here in 1978.
DSC05481 DSC05482 DSC05483 DSC05486 DSC05487
They were right here, the first and only tourist accommodation on Tanna.
DSC05488 DSC05489
Chatted with some young travellers from Sydney, then had dinner.
The owner of the establishment, this time sporting a shirt covering his expansive frontage, was quite chatty.
It actually took him 4 days to speak to me!
But tonight he was very friendly and offered to make me a ‘Baileys’.
He cannot stock the real thing because once the bottles are opened the contents curdle in the heat and he ‘cannot rely on his staff to keep them in the fridge’.
His words!
He may spout on about using local labour and products to do all the building and staffing, but he is very negative about them and their way of life.
He made me a delicious drink using coffee liquor and fresh cream, then proceeded to make an Amaretto for Mahalia.
I think he misjudged her age, or maybe he doesn’t care about giving alcohol to minors – who knows.
Whatever, she didn’t like it anyway 😉
He then made Azzan a cocktail of fruit juice, which Azzan didn’t like either!
But the intention was nice and we thanked him 🙂
DSC05491 DSC05493
Time to go pack up as we have to leave here at 7am to begin our journey home.

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