Wednesday 29th October

I was invited to a very special event this morning so I was up early to get myself ready.
I woke the kids just before I left and gave them instructions on what they were expected to do today.
Then I was gone just before 9am.
I arrived at the Civic Chambers and found Eare, Alan & Joan waiting for me.
It was the 2nd time this year that I have been invited to attend the Citizenship Ceremony with friends.
It is a really special privilege to witness this, and to see the peoples from many different countries who have chosen to become Kiwis.
Eare has ‘only’ been in New Zealand for 29 years and was pretty chuffed when Mayor Rachel commented to her that she was the first Papua New Guinean she had presented.
Each person was presented with a certificate and a native tree to take home and plant.DSC05718DSC05723
Afterwards there was a morning tea provided and everyone got the opportunity to have photos taken with the mayor and to wear her chains.
I invited Eare, Alan & Joan to come have a coffee at The Bakers to celebrate afterwards.
As they hadn’t been there before it was a lovely treat.
We each had a drink and a savoury which sufficed for a light lunch as it was approaching midday.
It was indeed an honour and privilege to be invited by Eare to be apart of her special day.

The weather had really decided to pack it in so we headed off to our cars and went our separate ways.
I went to have a very overdue blood test, then went and had a long chat with my Vodafone business manager.
At 2:30pm I went to see James so he could fix my tooth which had gotten chipped.
He was very pleased I had come sooner than later, it made for a much easier fix 🙂
Then I was off to Nelson Beauty Therapy for some treatment with Heloise.
I picked up some pantry items from the markets on the way home.
The kids had fed themselves an early snack dinner so were getting hungry by the time I got back.
I spotted dozens of small yachts heading out, followed quite closely by some rather intertesting storm clouds.
They made a very colourful sight against the black skies.
I made up some hamburgers using gluten free Turkish pied bread.
They were SO good!
IMG_9940 IMG_9941
After dinner it was clean up time and the kids headed off to bed.
I sat up late to get all the sale books listed and priced as I had been too busy during the past days to get them done.
It was very late, or very early, depending on which way you look at it, by the time I finally got them finished and crawled off into bed.
Good job completed, slept well even if it was only for a few hours!

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