Friday 31st October

Eden gave her parents a bit of an unsettled night so she and Marah were up around 6:45am for keeps!
I got up soon after and spent some time with them.
This is my kids way of keeping the stairs safe from Eden!
It worked.
Anson came out and helped to mind Eden while Marah made her some porridge.
But eating came second to terrorising Nonna across the table 🙂
Anson had to get his dog to the vet so he left before 9am.
The kids were staying with Marah and I was planning to follow Anson as we had a meeting to go to a bit later.

I had been thinking all night about the last house we viewed on Tuesday.
I had organised with the agent to take Anson & Marah to see it at 2:30pm today.
She told me that she had a viewing booked for 1:15pm so would stay at the house until we arrived.
I had this feeling that I really needed to act fast if I was going to get this house.
In my gut it just all felt right.
So without telling the kids why I left the house earlier than planned and high tailed it out to Richmond to her office.
On the way I called up via speaker phone,  the agent, bank, the insurance company and Sunni!
Needed some confirmation that I was making the right decision 😉
She said go for it Mum!!
All the pieces were just falling into place so I did.
I walked into the office and asked Christine what I had to do to secure the house.
This bike was part of the office display – it is identical to mine, so I figured that was a great sign 😉
Within less than half an hour I had signed for it!!
I couldn’t believe it, Christine couldn’t believe it.
I was so overcome with it all I was in tears and she was too.
It was so overwhelmingly exciting 🙂

I had to rush off to meet up with Anson as we had a meeting with another agent.
We have a lot happening at present – am going a bit crosseyed with all of it!
Then back into Richmond to talk to a surveyor.
Got all the information we needed an some!
Anson went off to see Ross and get his new phone sussed and I mosied off back into the city.
I got myself a baked potato for lunch and sat in the car and chilled for 20mins.
Anson met me at the bank and we had a really good chat with our team there, they were a great help.
From there we went around to MY new house – still cannot believe it!
I had text Marah earlier and asked her to bring the kids at 2:30pm so they could show her the house.
They knew nothing about what I had done.

They absolutely loved the house and had been talking about it constantly since we first saw it just 4 days ago.
Azzan has been dreaming about what he would do there and how he would decorate it etc.
He has been pouring over some home decorating magazines 🙂
When they arrived I suggested the kids show Anson & Marah around.
Then when they all came back into the kitchen I asked them what they thought about it.
They were all happy and full of its glory.
Then I said, ‘Well I’m really sorry but Christine sold the house this morning.’
Their faces were absolutely aghast.
Mahalia was stricken and Azzan nearly burst into tears.
Then I picked up the sales agreement and said to them, ‘It was bought by this person.’
They saw my name and could not believe it!
They just hugged and cried in excitement.
Marah took some photos of us out front of our new home!!
Anson & Eden had fun playing on the trampoline while we sat in the sun and soaked up the reality of it all.
Graham came to see us soon after so Azzan gave him a guided tour too.
So in 3 working days it will go unconditional (unless something terribly untoward happens and I am not even going to think that) and then 15 days after that we get to move in!!

Here’s a wee peek of it –
Of course the furnishings are not ours.
Azzan wants to have it exactly like it is now, but I’m saying that we have to make it our own home!
The lounge – the Sealord commercial was shot in this bay window!!
The kitchen/dining room
My bedroom – just love love love it 🙂
And three other bedrooms.
Lovely wrap around sunroom.
Just enough easy care lawn and loads of off street, inside gate, parking.

We are all so excited – can you tell? 🙂

The afternoon was getting on and Eden was getting tired so we all went off in our various directions.
Azzan & I dropped off the papers at the lawyers and then went to get him some late lunch.
Then back to the house to say goodbye to Anson, Marah & Eden.
Left Mahalia to rest and we drove to Tahunanui to visit John & Sally and show them all the photos.
Then we carried on out to Richmond to see Graham, David & Sasha.
There was an influx of dinner guests arriving while we were there.
Cat, Leeann, the French couple, Shane and Shanni ran in briefly too.
We had some nibbles with them and then left them to it as we were both rather tired after all the days excitements!
Stopped in at Hangar briefly to give Nathan his mail and get a smoothie before coming back to the house.
Mahalia was ready for bed so she and Azzan headed off.
I have been sitting here for the rest of the evening catching my breath.

Azzan came out just after 11pm very blurry eyed and looking upset.
We had a big cuddle while he cried on my shoulder.
He’s missing his Dad tonight, asking me what would be doing if Daddy hadn’t died.
He’s excited about our new home but sad that his Dad won’t be here to share it with us :-/
I was looking around the house today and commented to Christine that Tim would really like our choice.
The ceilings are high, being tall he got a bit claustrophobic in low ceiling houses, and he would love the wooden floors and the wood fire to tend to and it has such character.
Its like a small version of a farm house but with the comforts of city.
It even has a cute pantry and a wash house.
Not a laundry or washing machine cupboard, but a real washhouse complete with double concrete tubs – love it!!

5 thoughts on “Friday 31st October

  1. That is totally awesome. Well done you on having the courage to go with your gut. It looks and sounds so lovely. I look forward to seeing and hearing how it becomes your home in the coming weeks, months and years.

  2. congratz on the purchase – i’m sure you’ll be supper duper excited to move in to town and get the children to stable schooling

    • Yes, we are looking forward to moving and being settled. But ‘schooling’ will continue as the status quo. I don’t home educate because of isolation. We do it because it is what we do 🙂 Not too sure what you infer to be stable schooling?

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