Monday 24th November

5:30am seems to be set firmly into my body’s alarm clock these days.
And I don’t wake up leisurely, gradually, gently, stay in bed and slowly unwind into a state of functionality.
No, it is an instant awakeness.
Groping blindingly for my glasses, where did they end up last night sort of scramble, then I can see to check the time on my phone and realise that yet again I have not slept past 6am :-/
Oh well, it is a time of day when I can make the most of being able to quietly take time to catch up on here whilst draining my first bottle of water of the day, and an occasionally having a chat to my daughter who is also in a state of disarray with her sleeping patterns due to crazy shift work in the WA mines.

This morning I had a 9:15am appointment at the chiropractor so I didn’t dally in bed too long.
I was up and showered and had some porridge made when Shoshannah appeared.
She is normally an early bird too but today she was looking a tad dishevelled from her two late nights at work.
It takes time to get a rhythm into the body clock when it’s thrown out of kilter.
I wrote a quick list for the kids, paid them a quick wakening call before leaving and gave myself about 20mins to walk up the street.
It’s only two blocks from here to there and I easily walked it in 8 minutes 🙂
It is very enjoyable to stroll the streets and take in the surroundings that in past times I have whizzed past, intent on getting from A to B.
My rotor cuff injury is feeling a lot better, still very tender but a vast improvement from last week, but my sacroiliac area is still very inflamed.
It is so hard to deal with this one, I am not supposed to be standing around or lifting heavy things.
But too often I walk somewhere and then stop to talk and then all of a sudden I realise Im standing for too long and it begins aching terribly again.
It is good to be able to walk around this neighbourhood though so hopefully I can build up a better level of fitness over the next few months and get on top of it.

I walked back home and found the kids in varying stages of morning advancement.
Azzan had eaten his breakfast, gone for a bike ride, was doing his school work and had most probably done some more tree assassination!
Whereas Mahalia had just managed to have a shower and make her breakfast 😉

The guys arrived at 10:30 to deliver my bed base and replace the feet on Azzan’s bed.
They had mistakenly put casters on when I had asked for flat feet.
Mahalia was still in her pjs so took fright and ran for cover when she saw the men arriving 😉
They were a very bright and pleasant couple of guys.
I left them to sort the beds and went out to hang washing.
It was a great day to get things dry so we put through 3 loads.
Just ran out of pegs – another thing to add to my shopping list.
Shoshannah spent her day sorting her room out.
I measured up the space she has to see if I can find a wardrobe/storage unit to fit sometime as she has the smallest room and the most stuff.
Actually that is probably because we haven’t brought all of our things out from home yet!

Sally is home for a few months from the UK so she biked in from Stoke to visit me.
We had a guided tour of the property and house and then enjoyed the pikelets that Shoshannah had made, along with berry coulis and cashew nut cream.
Very yummy.
Sylvia popped in to visit bringing with her a housewarming gift and funky Beatles hologram card which Azzan instantly appropriated for his room 🙂
They both left around midday.

Shoshannah made a lunch.
The kids did more school work.
The afternoon didn’t take long to disappear and at 3pm, after leaving instructions for the two younger kids, Shoshannah and I were just walking out the door when Martin arrived with his trailer.
I left the kids loading it with all the garden rubbish which he very kindly took to the refuse centre for me.
He then returned the trailer for us to fill up again.
Thanks so much Martin – very much appreciate your help 🙂

Shoshannah and I had time to zip into the upholstery place to check out fabrics for the sofas Im getting recovered.
Came away with lots of samples to check out.
Just had time to head along the motorway to drop Shanni at her last guitar lesson for the year.
I zipped out to CRT to grab some stronger gardening tools, Azzan had broken the blade of the loppers I had last night!
I came back to Benge & Co and did a vege stock up and then picked up Shoshannah.
We stopped at Bunnings and knocked a few things of my list.
Shanni added a few herbs and zucchini plants to the trolley – she’s keen to get some into the garden.
I was so incredibly tired so we drove straight back home and unloaded.
The kids biked back from Kip McGrath soon afterwards.
I then had to go pick up Marah & Eden from the airport.
On the way I dropped some papers off to Nathan, swapped cars at John & Sally’s  so I would have the carseat for Eden, and left them to load a mattress in for us to borrow for a few days.
Arrived at the airport just as the plane was landing and met these two weary ladies at the arrival gate.
Marah was very pleased to hand Eden over to me.
She was hot and tired from chasing Eden around the Chch terminal and very a packed plane.
I got Eden into the car posthaste as she was quite a weight to be carrying and I am not supposed to be carrying weights!!
Left Marah to sit for a few mins and I ran back to talk to cousin Phil who was cleaning the airport carpets.
Back to the motel, got my car and left Marah to follow after she finished talking to Anson.
On the way back I received a phone call from Nicola.
She and I flatted together in Christchurch in 1976!!
We had pretty much lost contact bar her regular Christmas letters and she was calling to say she was in Nelson.
I had recently been trying to locate her so was so excited.
We made a date for tomorrow and then I headed on home.
Marah beat me in the gate by a few seconds 🙂
Shoshannah had cooked up a storm so we sat and ate a late dinner and then soon after all fell into bed.
I rubbed a good dose of cayenne cream into my back and hip areas and then applied hotties to the areas.
I was sitting in bed trying to read some business mail when I all of a sudden woke up with a wet front.
I had taken a drink from my water bottle and must’ve been drifting off to sleep as I did and it all slurped down my front!
Time to shut down and get to sleep properly.

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