Thursday 27th November

I am waking early every day – often around 5am.
With little sleep and so much stress at present I am so tired I can barely function.
Today I managed to get the date right and was off down the road to my 9am appointment.
It is only a couple of blocks so about 8 mins to get to the Loveday Clinic so a nice morning walk.
The best thing about getting the early morning appointments is that John is on time 🙂
I took the slightly longer route back, about 1.5km round trip.
It’s good for my back to be walking.
Mahalia had work experience today so she biked there just before 10am.
Martin was here when I returned.
Azzan was giving him a garden tour 🙂
He had brought tools, so if there’s tools then theres gotta be action.
Bloke action!
The chainsaw was plugged in and the destruction began.
The front of the section has been planted with natives which have gotten far too big and I want to create a clean slate from which to landscape the way I want.
So we are taking out pretty much everything now, and over the summer I will live here, thinking, planning, scheming, as to what and where I want to plant in Autumn.
Another trailer load out and a heap of firewood 🙂
And then on to the dreaded buddleia bush.
I honestly do not know what possesses people to plant these things.
Horrendous they are!
They are listed as ‘5’ on the infestation curve and are a serious pest.
“No person shall knowingly sell, propagate, breed, release, or commercially display Buddleia, under Sections 52 and 53 of the NZ Biosecurity Act.”
This one was producing prolifically, once the tree was demolished I was pulling out wee seedlings like hairs on a dogs back!
There is a lovely maple growing, squashed in behind which has something wrong in the trunk and a few dead branches so Martin got Azzan sawing them out.
I pruned it back a bit and now we wait to see if it will be okay.
May have to check it out with an arborist.
There is a baby maple growing underneath which I am trying to save.IMG_0761
I whizzed off to bid on a wardrobe on TradeMe for Shoshannah.
15 mins later came out jubilantly successful on that score to find the guys had come back to have another go at the stumps.
There is a bourganvillia behind which was trying to spike anyone who went near.
In spite of the large thorns I do love them so am thinking I might train it along the fence so we didn;t cut it back much.
There is old weed mat throughout the garden which is proving to be a pain so Azzan was ripping through it with the crowbar while Martin dug around the stump.

We loaded up the trailer, managed to get heaps more on.
Azzan was being very protective of me.
He knows I am not meant to lift or carry anything so was stopping me every time I went to do anything.
I was allowed to use the loppers to cut the foliage smaller so it would pack on the trailer better 😉
The kids moved the larger bits of wood to the wood shed area and Martin chainsawed it up into fire sized pieces.
It can now sit and dry till winter 🙂
Martin & Azzan went off to unload the trailer and came back and had lunch.
Shanni had been cooking up a storm all morning.
It is lovely having her home, she’s great in the kitchen too 🙂
Martin left the trailer for us just in case we have time to fill it again.
So appreciate all his help – thanks Martin, just hope you didn’t overdo things!!  🙂

This is Azzan heading out on his bike again.
He is loving it.
He pleads with me to be allowed out the gate and up to the park and back 🙂
The other day he walked his bike right to the top of the Centre of NZ!
Today he left and biked on his own to Kip McGrath.
Mahalia was already there.
Seb & Phoebe arrived with Sapphire around 4pm.
They soon decided that they would like to stay the night so Mahalia was moved into the living room for the night.
She enjoyed some freedom to crawl about for a while.
I was so incredibly tired all day, bone achingly so.
Was trying to build up some energy to go out to an evening  function but failing miserably.
So finally made the call not go around 4:30pm.
Shoshannah biked off to her Kip McGrath lesson and the other arrived back soon after.
Mahalia and Sapphie were having such a lovely time.
Love these photos.
She is such a wee trick 🙂
Seb went off to get some stuff so I asked him to pick up the wardrobe for me.
He came back with it on his truck.
It was huge and heavy so I called up Nathan.
He popped around to help lift it inside.
It was a bit of a squeeze – never thought of the door sizes when I was measuring it up – duh!
Anyway, it fitted in well and the only injury was Nathan’s finger when he caught it on the fireguard – ouch that really hurt!!
The girls moved the smaller very impractical cupboard out to the sunroom and this was put in it’s place.
Shoshannah is pretty rapt to have somewhere to stash her clothes now 🙂
Shoshannah had made a salad and a vegetarian ‘meat’ loaf but we all needed some more and it was getting late so we got some pizza and fish & chips from the local and they were soon demolished by 7 hungry mouths.
Phoebe & Sapphie made the most of my big bath 🙂
Seb went out to catch up with friends.
We all headed off to bed – tired much!

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