Saturday 29th November

I woke at 3am, managed to doze a while longer, gave up around 5:30am.
The sky was ablaze with colour.
Just relaxed on my bed until 8 and then flew through the shower and as it was a sunny morning decided to risk wearing a sundress.
I had an appointment at 9:30am in city centre.
I was about to leave when Marah called up, then the two youngest had an altercation.
I left them to either sort it out or kill themselves – whatever floats their boat right now.
Am over it all!
I had my light jacket/long cardigan out to take but Shanni assured me that I wouldn’t be needing it today so I left it behind.
So I was later leaving than planned.
Walked a different route, motored south and then walked along Bridge St.
It was so pretty I took a few moments and photographed the river.
The ducks were rippling the water with their wakes.
Queens Gardens are so pretty right now and very inviting, will have to come back on a less busy morning.
I arrived at Nelson Beauty only 2 mins late and was soon relaxing under the care of Karol.
It was really nice to just shut my eyes and forget the world for an hour.
Thanks Karol 🙂
I had some free time after leaving so went for a wander.
The wind temperature was actually quite cool so I ducked into Glassons and found a pretty pink cardigan to wear.
I went to suss out the bikini Shanni had found but gave up and suggested she come in and get them herself.
Then walked across to Preago to wait for Jana.
We had not seen each other for probably over 20 years.
Sad when the busyness of life gets in the way of a friendship.
It was really lovely to sit and talk and hear about each others families.
We used to spend a lot of time together when our older kids were young.
A lot of water has flood under our bridges since then.
I was very fragile and tears poured even though I was trying not to let them.
Shoshannah arrived and went off shopping.
She came back a bit later to tell me what she had found.
It was time to move so after some farewell hugs and promises to catch up more and soon I went shopping with Shanni.
She had found some walking shoes in Urban Beach but I thought they were too light weight for the price, plus they were rubbing her small toes.
So we went off in search of something better.
Called into several shops and then ended up finding a really good pair in Rebel Sports which happily had a 25% reduction on them.
Then it was back to Cotton On to get her swimwear.
We were really weary and hungry so decided to head off home.
She walked with me for a short distance and then I sent her off on her bike as I could see it was easier for her than pushing it.
She & Azzan had tidied away my clothes so my room is now looking much more agreeable.
Thanks peeps – so appreciate you doing that.
Mahalia had also tidied up her room and put away all of her clothes.
She had also mown the lawn.
Azzan had cut down some more trees!
They had managed not to kill each other while I was away 😉
I was about to take Azzan to visit his cousins when Sylvia & Martin came to pick up the trailer.
We had a cuppa and a chat for a while.
Mahalia loaded up the cut foliage onto the trailer and then they were away with it so Sylvia can fill it up from her garden tomorrow 🙂
I drove Azzan to Tahunanui and dropped him off to play with Lucy & Tristan then I carried on to visit Estelle.
Tracey had arrived with her daughter so I spent a pleasant hour or so catching up with them all.
Back to pick up Azzan, he was sitting up at the table devouring wraps with the kids 🙂
We stopped off to get some groceries at Countdown.
It was quite late when we got back.
Mahalia had already locked the door and gone off to bed.
However the kitchen was a mess and the dishes not done so she was resurrected to clean up while Azzan & I unloaded and put away all the groceries.
I made myself a plate of dinner – Shanni had made a large pot of beans which were very yummy.
Managed to get Azzan off to bed and then I sat in my bed and ate my dinner.
Fell asleep watching something on my laptop so dumped it on the floor and snuggled down.
But then couldn’t sleep for ages  :-/
Why is it I can fall asleep with a book or watching a movie but once they stop I’m awake and unable to go back to sleep!!

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