Sunday 30th November

Azzan’s alarm clock went off at 7:30am.
Sunday morning??
C’mon my lad give us all a break!
I’d already been awake for an hour or so but the girls were still sleeping.
I got up and had a bath with my book.
Azzan hoped into my bed and did some online spelling tests.
He’s very driven to raise his spelling age at present.
He then made some apple juice.
He got upset that my juicer is not juicing properly and he is not getting much juice.
I was a bit over the complaint as it is not a new one, and told him to clean up, forget using it and to use the Vitamix like I had already told him to.
I disappeared to my room for some peace.
Mahalia came in around 10:30am and decided to make the most of the bath water and had a soak for a long while.
Shoshannah staggered out.
She had worked until the early hours and not gotten home till around 2pm.
But in spite of that she was still fairly perky 🙂

I saw the sun was shining into my bedroom windows and thought it would be a great spot for my rocking chair.
Pat has just fixed it and returned it to me.
What would I do with out this cheeky young ratbag?
This morning he brought me a humongous bowl of porridge.
Just porridge.
Nothing else!
So I requested half of it to be taken off and some additives added.
He returned with a bowl of porridge topped with kiwifruit, strawberries and coconut yoghurt.
Now that’s talking 🙂
It went down a treat.
He got loose with my phone 🙂
And then he took off for a bike ride.
But he came walking back very sadly.
He had gotten a flat tyre but as it was his first one he didn’t quite understand why his tyre was completely falling off.
Shanni tried to help him but her bike kit has been left at home.
They found the hole but had to leave it at that point until some other help could be found.

I filled up the sprayer and tried to get it working but it failed miserably so I gave up and went and lay on my bed for a while.
Having a bit of a dozy day with a headache tugging away at the periphery of my brain.
Shoshannah did some baking.
David & Sasha arrived later in the arvo.
They sampled some scones and coffee and then we went out to see what there was left to kill!
David cranked up his chainsaw and took out several more trees.
They were lugged over to the firewood area.
Mahalia and Sasha cut all the branches off and David sawed up the trunks to add to the woodpile.
Sasha dug out the silver flax and a few other smaller natives.
David and I had a serious look at these pots which I wanted gone.
The poor trees have been in them for so long they are totally root bound.
There was really no other way to get the plants out and because two of the pots were splitting Azzan took the crowbar to them and delighted in making more mess.
How sad is this?
No wonder the poor things weren’t doing so well.
They couldn’t move in there!
Now what do I do with all of this? :-/
The two trees are being adopted.
May they flourish in their new home with David & Sasha 🙂
Just gotta find homes for the other 3 trees now, am hoping we can get them out without breaking the pots as I have a home for those.
Shanni had to be at work by 6pm so she ate a quick dinner and then I zipped her up there.

I came back and had some tacos for dinner with Azzan.
Mahalia had already eaten.
They went off to bed soon after.
I had a long chat with Jesika while eating and then doing the dishes.
I got two rubbish bags out on the street and then emptied all the smaller bins and have a third bag waiting for morning.
I was about to head to bed when I heard something displeasing to my ear.
I found the two kids at it again – sigh!
So this time I sat them down and gave them a massive barreling.
Told them there will be major consequences if they don’t stop being so selfish, pull their heads in and deal with their disputes in a less aggressive manner.
Hopefully a good night sleep for everyone will create a new and more harmonious dawn.
It is 11pm and Shanni has just arrived back home.
They finished early tonight which is good.
Hopefully she will get a better sleep tonight.
Had some excellent reports back re her work today.
Apparently the chefs all reckon she is great, a very consistent worker.
So proud of her 🙂


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