Monday 8th December

I had an 8:15am appointment so was up early.
I was already to leave and then realised there was more rubbish to put out so I dealt to that, then got the washing off the line.
Then woke Mahalia before I left.
Azzan was asleep so closed his door, he was not sleeping well during the night because his arm was too sore.
I whizzed down the street and got to the Loveday Clinic in just 5 mins.
Bettered my normal wandering time by 3 mins 🙂
It is great having the first appointment of the day as I don’t have to wait.
John discovered why I have been getting the headaches over the past few days.
My neck was out of kilter way up high.
Hopefully it will be okay now for a while.
He’s also sent me home with a large container of CalmX which has high quantities of magnesium so hopefully should help lower my stress levels and headaches.

I stopped to talk to Gay on the way back and admired her new verandah that Pat has been building for her.
Then back to the house.
The two kids were up.
I asked them to be quiet and let Shoshannah sleep longer and left them to get on with their school work.
I got organised and then headed off in the car to my 9:45am counselling session.
A fairly emotional time, it is coming up 22 months since the day and instead of things progressing I feel like I am slowly drowning.
Just feeling so sad and dispirited all the time 😦
Talked about triggers etc, and one I have found really hard since coming here is seeing the couples out walking together in the evenings.
It just makes me sad as I mourn what could/should be.

I went straight from there to the Nelson City Council office to talk to someone about the cars blocking my gateway.
The receptionist was very helpful and lodged a complaint and actioned someone to come see me about it.
I called in to Graham’s Trading Post to pick up a small stool for Mahalia, I found it the other day, matches her vanity perfectly.
Posted mail at Milton Street Store.
It is so good to find out that they have a full postal service there.
Saves the drive, the parking, the waiting in queues, at the main PO in city.
And as well as that, the staff are really helpful and went out of their way to help me pack up a parcel 🙂
Blow me down, I pulled up at the gate to find a truck blocking it – again!!
This time I took photos, am amassing evidence for the council.
There was a phone number on the truck door so I called it after I had written a note to put under his wipers.
It was a business truck from up in the Bay of Plenty.
The woman on the phone took my number then called the driver and told him to move it.
I waited, and waited, and watched as he peered over the hedge from the motel across the road, and waited, and waited………
Finally he came across the road.
I barrelled him about the No Parking signs etc.
He was quite belligerent and certainly not apologetic.
The woman called back soon after to make sure he had moved the truck and said she was not surprised by his reaction – great to have an employee like that – not!

Shoshannah was up and pleased to have had a really good sleep apart from being woken up by her siblings nonsense.
The kids were having a really stroppy time.
I was not at all amused 😦
When they are like this they will scrap over the stupidest of things.
I gave them both a piece of my mind and separated them.

Karel walked up the street to welcome us to the neighbourhood.
She runs a delightful B&B at the other end of our street and I had been planning to pop in to say hullo but she beat me to it 🙂
It was lovely to chat with her and catch up on both our families.
She brought a delicious lemon cake which Azzan served beautifully with slices of strawberries and apple.
Azzan announced just before 4:30pm that his bike type was flat again so he walked to Kip McGrath.
Mahalia followed him on her bike a bit later.
After Karel left I walked with Shoshannah to work.
Stopped into visit with Nathan.
More tears – good to have his shoulder to cry on sometimes.
He had to work so I didn’t stop long.
Walked back long Bridge St and went to visit Lily.
Met her on Sunday night at the party.
She has moved here with her husband from Myanmar and is keen to go walking & talking  with me to improve her English.
Lovely lady – am looking forward to our walks.

Came home and had half an hour before the kids arrived back.
Gay had offered to treat Azzan’s arm with her Bioptron light so he and I walked up there and did that, plus he played with her new kitten.
Very cute wee thing she is 🙂
Mahalia was preparing dinner while we were gone.
We had rice salad and fish for dinner.
They watched a movie, I chilled out in the kitchen.
I had a good talk with the kids before they went to bed about their behaviour.
I know that a lot of it is acting out from our situation and my stress, but they are old enough to be a bit more responsible about how they treat each other.
Went off to bed around 9pm but I couldn’t sleep.
Tossed for hours.
Finally got to sleep around midnight but woke again at 4am.

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