Friday 30th January

The view from my bed this morning at just after 6am.
I am praying the red sky will indeed bring rain.
We are so in need of a good downpour.
IMG_2786 IMG_2788

I was up soon after 7am because I was expecting some men to arrive at 8am.
While I waited for them I did an ant poisoning around the section.
It is nice to see the stuff I have bought is actually working.
The guys arrived just after 8am and I showed them what needed to be done.
All the stumps removed plus a couple more small trees.
These are the before photos.
They were very quickly on to the job.
One with the chainsaws and the other with the stump muncher.
They got it all done in an hour.
So amazingly wonderful!!
And an hour later they were all packed up and gone only leaving behind mulched up stumps and a garden almost ready to start landscaping.
Super cool!!
While the guys were working I had to shut the front windows so I carried on get g my stamps transferred over into the new craft drawers.
I am so rapt with them.
They fit perfectly into the space, and they easily accommodate all my wooden stamps, plus a few empty drawers for paints etc.
Now I just have to figure out where to put all the rest of my art stuff :-/

The kids were waking up by this time.
I had warned them that there would be some loud machinery working early, but they all pretended not to hear it 🙂
Today I had three unwell children.
This virus is a real mean one 😦
Mahalia is now getting the bleeding noses, they seem to be part of the deal along with headaches, fevers, lethargy and just feeling totally grotty.
Shoshannah was not well this morning.
Am hoping it is just exhaustion though.
She was shaking, feeling sick and very tearful.
So I called her in sick and insisted she had a quiet restful day.

I shot down to the Courier Post depot to pick up a parcel.
It was addressed to me but to Marah & Anson’s address.
She was called by them to say they couldn’t deliver it because they were not signed up for Rural Mail Delivery.
Another new thing none of us realised had to be done.
Turned out the parcel was from Spark – another broadband modem.
When I commented to the woman at the counter that they had sent a repeat parcel she said ‘Well that’s Spark for you!’
I’m seriously wishing we hadn’t had to transfer the phones over.
Vodafone is so much easier to deal with.
Anyway, I popped into the PO on the way home to get the forms for Marah & Anson to apply for the rural mail and discovered they were ok with me signing for them.
It’s a weird world alright.
Never know when the privacy act thingee kicks in.

At 1pm  I shot down the road to a job interview.
It was a bit daunting, first time I have applied for anything for nearly 40 years.
I have no CV/resume, I only have a lifetime of experience wearing a multitude of different hats.
But my lifetime contains the skills necessary for this position, plus I am passionate about what it stands for, so thought I would give it a try.
More details to follow once I find out if I am in or not 😉

I got home around 2pm to find relations swarming all through my house!!
David & Sasha had arrived with the entourage of brothers Phil & Steve and their families and Aunty Janet & Uncle George.
15 in all.
Azzan was in his element and began the guided tour of the property.
They all had food to devour whilst we chatted.
I sat out on the deck with Aunty Janet & Kathryn and admired the view of the hills while we talked and ate.
But it was incredibly hot, far far too hot, even in the shade of the swing seat, so we retreated back indoors.
They were all on a mission so didn’t stay very long.
It was great to see them all 🙂
It was very quiet once they all loaded up and headed eastwards on their journey.

Later in the day I was sitting at the table doing some work on the laptop when I got a Facebook message from Shoshannah.
I laughed.
She sent me a photo of her wardrobe and said she was stuck!
Don’t know why she didn’t just call me – too easy mate 🙂
She had decided to move her furniture around and discovered the wardrobe was heavier than she realised.
I reminded her that it did take two of her big brothers to manhandle it in there.
And they were struggling under its weight!
So I squeezed in her door and helped her move things around.
It actually does make her room roomier so she has made a good choice.
And as we know Shanni, you have to male good choices 😉

There was a distinct change in the weather and temperatures tonight.
Much cooler and very breezy.
I had to shut windows tonight.
Quite a relief actually.






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