Monday 26th January

Decided that Azzan needed to see a Dr again.
Made him an appointment then I headed off to my 9:45am counselling session.
Came back home and picked him up.
Saw a new Dr, she was very pleasant.
Took throat swabs and sent us off for blood tests.
I zipped into the supermarket to get some more Panadol for the kids.
Then back to the house.
Marah was here – on her own.
A child free trip to town – left Eden with her Daddy 🙂
She brought me this lovely box of goodies for my birthday and a card which Eden helped to make 🙂
Shanni had decided she didn’t want to hang about in a house full of sickies during her days off so she hopped on board with Marah and went home with her.
The days are so incredibly hot at present that no one has any energy to do anything during the day.

I went out to Richmond later in the day.
Spent a few hours with Estelle and then a few more with Ross & Andrea.
It was rather late when I got back.
Kids were both tucked up in bed.
Made myself some dinner around 11pm and then went off to bed.


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